Dems’ Derangement Driven By Their Owners 

The truth is simple, and terrible: the US self-described “Democrats” are more on the right, on many issues, and perhaps on the most important issues, like income for most people, than the Republicans. And the Dems are pretty brazen about it. An example is Pelosi trading stocks to increase her fortunes and refusing the Republicans’, and Progressives idea of forcing legislators in blind trusts.

This was long my main objection to Obamacare: I expected this Obama “Signature Achievement”, drafted by plutocrats, would mostly make the US health care plutocracy wealthier… as happened exactly, and life expectancy collapsed, big time, by many years. My brother in law, not even 50, died from it.

The New York Times’ editorial board, shrilly anti-Republicans for many years, to the point of ridicule, has suddenly turned critical of Biden, calling him a “failure”: President Biden’s Economy Is Failing the Big Mac Test.   

Under Trump, the poorer half of the country became significantly less poor than it used to be. Tariffs helped. Biden didn’t remove them, but Biden could do more to produce more at home rather than in China. Biden could have imposed tariffs on carbon content (a powerful ally would be France, which wanted such tariffs for a long time, and could force the EU to do the same). That would profit US workers and the ecology.    

Notice the Trump bump up (blue line) due to a change in the tax code enabling lower wage workers to pay less taxes… No wonder the influential 1% hate Trump. Also notice this is the middle 40%. Had I produced the rgaph for the lower 50% the Trump bump up would have been more marked. Trump taxes disadvantage California’s wealthy, another reason for their hatred.

“Democratic” leaders are the servants of the tech oligopolies they created… with the aime to profit from them personally… as can now be observed everyday. Obama used to fly over Silicon Valley every few weeks to take his orders from the so-called “tech titans”, actually greedy monopolists with small minds… who were going to insure his wealthy retirement. Biden should have done a crusade against the monopolists, pretended he was going to do… Trump tried (and was shot down by the first impeachment, craftily launched after a deal with Pelosi to go after the monopolists)… Biden is not even trying (craftily, he put in place in his adminstration the critics of monopolistic tech, and then shut them down).

Critical Race Theory results in having white teachers tell minority or multiracial children that they have to resist the alleged racism… of their own parents. At least this is happening in the San Francisco Bay… Not just this, but this strange delusion has replaced normal instruction of basic knowledge and we had to pull out our 12 year multiracial daughter from this public derangement which replaced normal schooling. 

Crime and tent cities proliferate, and, even in the very center of the very wealthy Bay Area, there is now so much crime that shopping centers have to be avoided (even in Palo Alto, hold up happen in broad day light in the middle of the most frequented shopping mall… last week…).  

New York Times, January 25 2022: “The various iterations of the voting-rights bill known as the For the People Act are a case in point. Holding the presidency, both houses of Congress and the most influential parts of the media, Democrats have monopolized the political argument for a year now. If there were a solid case that the bill really was an emergency project to protect democracy, rather than the partisan wish list that its opponents claimed, it would have triumphed by now.

When Mr. Biden told an Atlanta crowd this month that those who opposed this bill were on the same side as Alabama’s segregationist Governor George Wallace and the Confederacy’s President Jefferson Davis, he was arguably combining the condescension of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 “deplorables” remark with a kind of anti-white race-baiting. That is electorally dangerous. Democrats lost white non-college-educated voters by 25 points in the last election, and there is no guarantee that the margin will not get wider.

But this may not even be the party’s biggest miscalculation when it comes to demographics. Minorities do not seem to like the Democrats’ racialized approach any more than whites do… 

Democrats have been led astray by their Trump obsession. They have misunderstood what the former president represented to voting Americans. Mr. Trump tapped into smoldering grievances against various information-economy elites and managers. There is no reason that ethnic-minority voters wouldn’t share some of those grievances.

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan gave upward of $400 million to the nonprofit Center for Tech and Civic Life to help local governments organize elections under Covid-19 conditions. Their gift roughly equaled the amount of federal funding designated for that purpose in the 2020 CARES Act. It is hard to imagine that anyone worried about the role of private wealth in prisons or military logistics or public schools would welcome such a role in elections.

However much of this was done as “vote harvesting”, where, in California, “Dem” operators canvassed the electorate and harvested… their votes. What could go wrong? These people are right, as I said in the begining, in all senses of the term…

The margin of Biden against Trump was six million votes in California, exactly that of the entire USA. Gee, I wonder why.

Whether there was mass cheating in California, I don’t know… for sure. My ID was NOT checked when I voted. It looks as if there could have been mass cheating in the voting itself, then, with all that hysterical mass harvesting… And the mass propaganda machine for ultimately the tech monopolies, through their elected agents, is undeniable… That’s a gross violation of parrhesia and isegoria, pillars of democracy, shattered in the West nowadays, nearly as well as in China, and for the same exact reasons, if not the same exact individuals, as I keep on saying, frantically evoking the gods of democracy, fully misunderstood, it not long dead…

If we don’t want to end down like the Putinreich, we have to fight everyday… In depth. Russians believe they are in democracy and Putin is their prophet…

Patrice Ayme

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3 Responses to “Dems’ Derangement Driven By Their Owners ”

  1. Benign Says:

    Nice try. We are actually in a Bezmenov unrestricted (bio-) warfare takedown by Klaus, Chairman Xi, and China Joe and his CCP-$-greased minions (like your sleazy friend). Only a revolution might produce a democracy.

    And I see you agree that USA and Russia are very much alike. I would still take that kind of pseudo-democracy over what the CCP does to its people.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Well, Xi and the CCP are genocidal (small scale, yet intolerable against Uighurs, Tibetans). HOWEVER, they are good to the Han. CCP economy is highly diversified, science driven. What they are presently doing is, in many ways, not Chinese, but rather Mongolian… But the tech and science is real.

      Putin massacred the gigantic potential of Russia by focusing on offence/defense and fossil fuels…. A direct result of his tyranny. I would have replace him by ANY of the many people he killed or emprisoned… His superiors at the KGB were prescient…

      I am actually very pro-Rus… To the point I would prefer to have three of them… What Russia should focus on is developing its gigantic existing realm, especially the Far East… With the help of the West… Even Japan! Colonizing Georgia, stealing pieces here and there, etc. is worse than a crime, it’s a strategic mistake…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      BTW, Russian propaganda, sounding like me for once, has attacked the “Anglo-Saxons”… However, both the EU and the NATO rapid intervention force are right now presided by… the French Republic. The Normandy format in Paris is rescheduled for Berlin in 2 weeks…
      The notion of “sovereign nation” escaped the Kremlin grandees, or so they claim…


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