Islam: Lies & War Above Peace

More than 99% of known religions are, by the standards of the Rights of Man and the Citizen, not just evil, but illegal. And that includes Catholicism as practiced in, say, France, in 1700 CE.

The Islamist State has an ideology, and its name is Literal Islam, the one and only (anybody else is an apostate and Allâh ordered to kill them). John Oliver about the fuc*ing giant ass*olery which masquerades as something honorable:

The “Enlightenment”, mostly a French centric invention, consisted in asserting the Rights of Man and the Citizen, and destroy whatever was in the way of those rights, to impose them universally. When the French Republic declared war to the Nazi Reich (and to Hitler’s ally, the USSR), on September 3, 1939, it was more of the same. It was precisely to destroy ideologies which industrially violated the Rights of Man, while claiming to be for peace, freeing minorities, fighting an unfair treaty which had freed Eastern Europe, saving the pure races from bastardization, rescuing civilization, fighting “plutocrats” and all the grossest lies the Nazis could possibly imagine. As we will see below, the ideology known as Islam rests on a similar dynamic of the grossest lies.

 Islamophilia Kills

Islamophilia Kills

[ISIS declared that going to concerts or bars was “idolatry”, and that’s punished by death, according to the Qur’an, the message of Allah.]

The going was tough for France in 1940, and not just because of unusual left field attack planned by a couple of Nazi generals. That was recoverable, but not the attitude of the USA then. Indeed the USA, at the time did not hesitate to violate its mother, France, to advance American business (also known, aka, as plutocrats). So the USA helped, de facto, in more ways than one, the Nazis, by operating the same bait and switch as in World War One. Germany ended with 10% of its population killed, the European Jews got nearly annihilated, etc.

France would not have been occupied in 1940, if only the USA had barked (because the French Air Force has the means of counter-attack). But, instead of barking, Roosevelt recognized Vichy, a subsidiary of Hitler, as the legitimate French State (it was not).

Fortunately, the present American leadership has learned from the history of infamy to which Roosevelt and his accomplices brought so much. President Hollande proclaimed yesterday the USA and France to be “sisters”, and the U.S. Secretary of State, basking in front of the Red White And Blue U.S. embassy in Paris, proclaimed that the USA and France were “the same family”. Whereas Roosevelt disliked France intensely (after all, he was a plutocrat from a long lineage of plutocrats), Obama loves France (discreetly).

Islamophiles claim that “Islam is a religion of peace”. They also claim Islam respects other religions. Both statements indicate they have not read the Qur’an. They are sheer propaganda, but an extremely old, crafty and interlocked propaganda, set during the bloody decades when  Islam, and its various strifes and hatreds got established.

One call to violence in a religious text is enough to make the religion in question violent. Roughly 10% of the 80,000 words Qur’an are sheer calls to violence: please consult my “Violence in the Holy Qur’an” which consists of violent quotes from the Qur’an. They cannot be explained away.

One call to murder in a religion’s most sacred text, especially to murder of the obviously innocent, is enough, in my own sacred book of humanity, to make such a religion a call to holocaust.

In the New Testament, Jesus calls, in a few places, to murder “unbelievers”. There are not many of these quotes. Indeed, one is enough. Then, in the name of the Bible, “believers” could go out and kill millions of “unbelievers” (millions of those were Europeans). In the Qur’an, there are probably hundreds of calls to murder of entire categories of people. When ISIS struck in Paris, it said it had killed “idolaters” (one of the categories the Qur’an marks for murder.

So how come people who are often viewed as intelligent proclaim that “Islam is a religion of peace”? Because Islam says so. (Hitler said he was protecting minorities: hundreds of millions, not just Germans, but also Americans, believed him.)

Islam says it is a religion of peace, and this lie has elements of truth in it: surely, when you are dead, you are at peace.

What happened was this: the revelations of the “recitation” (= Qur’an) happened to Muhammad over a number of years. During those years the so-called “Messenger” was attacking caravans he was raiding, Jews whom he wanted to annihilate, and making war to Mecca who viewed Muhammad stridently revised Judeo-Christianism a threat to the holy city’s thriving religious business, led by the goddess Moon and 365 lesser deities, plus the same old meteorite Muslims turn around to this day (so Muslims are actually reproducing the acts of 2,000 year old, pre-Islamist IDOLATRY, ironically enough for people who want to kill all idolaters: why don’t they start with themselves?… Ah, but, yes, of course, I forgot, that’s the exact idea of suicide attacks…)

Muhammad won an important battle against Mecca, where he was born, from the leading family.

So Muhammad had to tame mighty Mecca, lest the city go in a total war mode. And, instead Muhammad had to make sure Mecca would accept to lose a few battles graciously. Thus Muhammad was accommodating, and made gentle statements, such as:’you can have your religion, I can have mine’. Muslim scholars interpret this as Muhammad being under duress.

Here comes the all important concept of taqiyya, or lying when in fear: it’s OK to do so. (It’s also OK to lie to reconcile a couple, or to get a woman in bed.).

Taqiyya appears in Sura 3:28:

“Let not the believers take the unbelievers for friends; and whoever does this, shall have nothing to do with Allâh in any matter; unless you do this to protect yourselves from the unbelievers.  Thus Allâh cautions you to have reverence only for him. To Allâh is destiny.”

[My translation.]

Regarding 3:28, Ibn Kathir writes, “… believers who in some areas or times fear for their safety from the disbelievers… are allowed to show friendship to the disbelievers outwardly, but never inwardly.” Ibn Kafthir quotes Muhammad‘s companion, Abu Ad-Darda’, who said “we smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them,” and Al-Hasan who said that “dissimulation (Tuqyah) is acceptable till the Day of Resurrection.”

How can you have peace when you are supposed to religiously lie to “Non-believers”?

So what of that Islam is peace BS? How do we know that Islamist scholars who believe in the Qur’an, all of the Qur’an and nothing but the Qur’an, know that it is BS? Especially once completed by the much worse Hadith?

A common defense of Islam is to say that, like the Bible, there is everything, including the kitchen sink, in the text, so one cannot single out one or two bad elements. Out of just 80,000 words, the argument is obviously ridiculous: I publish as many words in barely more than a month, and I don’t include the kitchen sink.

As I said, there are more than 10,000 words in the worst verses of the Qur’an, many of them, lethal orders to kill. In this age, when the rage against plutocrats and their obsequious servants is so high, the orders to kill miscreants can only make a sacred text very tempting.

I claim the orders to kill miscreants, unbelievers. “idolaters” (ISIS word of the week), pagans, apostates supersede the “religion of peace” aspect.

Why? Because Muhammad feared for his life from Mecca and his own tribe, when he made this call: it’s straightforward taqiyya. Moreover, there is a general metaprinciple that a later verse takes precedence over an earlier verse. When Muhammad was dictator of Mecca (not expecting to die at the early age of 61), he issued the orders of “God” (namely himself), right and left, and for no good reason whatsoever (at least by then 15 centuries old Roman law standards).

Hopefully the holy alliance of France with the USA (“sister” country, said president Hollande… Actually, daughter) and rogue, but repenting Russia, will stamp out the Islamist State within months.

No pity should be shown, and heavy, relentless bombing used. Special Forces should be sent, in vast quantities. The three countries have plenty of them. A deal should be made with some of Saddam Hussein’s old officers, presently in ISIS.

In May 1940, France fought the unholy alliance of Hitler, Stalin and their friends, financiers, technologists and enablers, American plutocrats, not so discreetly supported by the American Congress and the White House.

This time Putin is no Stalin (I must admit with a reluctant smile) and president Obama is no (plutocratic and French backstabber) Roosevelt. Who said there could not be progress.?

A unique occasion is offering itself to get rid forever of Literal Islamism, as we got rid of Literal Christianism during the Enlightenment. Let’s outlaw the former, as we did the latter. Ferocity for the better is in order. Let’s go. This is how to recover an Islam we can live with, a seriously improved version of the one the Persian Caliphate knew, in the age of the House of Wisdom.

Patrice Ayme’

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39 Responses to “Islam: Lies & War Above Peace”

  1. pshakkottai Says:

    I like it, Patrice. No mincing of words. Way to go.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Partha! And I like your support. The lies within the lies in Islam are never pointed out. Ironically they led to version of Islam which refuse to say what they truly believe in…


  2. De Brunet D'Ambiallet Says:

    Yes, go for it, Patrice! ISIS put a fatwa on guys like you, just yesterday. It said intellectuals like you, who just think about Islam, should be killed.
    I don’t know if they were thinking about you specifically, but more and more people are looking in the same direction as you, although they don’t see so far.
    Be careful, they are out there.


  3. Gmax Says:

    Media said there was an ISIS graffiti inside a large French school in San Francisco TODAY. SCHOOL was locked down, SFPD special police unit investigates. Islam = religion for killing children


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Children are like chicken for Salafist, that is, fair game.
      There has been threats against the French in the USA in the last 24 hours, including against planes, Police is taking that seriously. I have talked with school administrators about specific measures. Especially after talking with Muslim friends who don’t get it.


  4. aaron Says:

    well said Patrice ! thank you for expressing my exact thoughts…..
    in warm regards, aaron


  5. Chris Snuggs Says:

    “Islamophobia is not racism, but survivalism, just as Christianophobia, is not racism, but survivalism.”

    Chris Snuggs: Le Valls est une danse macabre …….


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      PM Valls seems a bit lost these days: Hollande is tougher, uses his full prerogatives, and the PM after all did NOTHING since the Charlie Hebdo attack: he did not close ONE Salafist mosque. If I had been PM, I would have closed hundreds, and arrested for hate crime all Salafist who threaten moderate Imams


      • Chris Snuggs Says:

        Chris Snuggs: I am replacing the idiotic “Islamophobia” (a phobia being irrational) with “Islamloloathing”, which is entirely rational of course. A competitor would be “Islamodium”, and a typical act of Islamic barbarity would be “Islamodious”.


  6. Patrice Ayme Says:

    Global anti-French Islamist terror: two Air France Flights to Paris From the U.S. Diverted Over Phoned Bomb Threats… from USA

    November 17 2015: so ISIS has indeed accomplices inside the USA


  7. brodix Says:


    I don’t suppose I’ve ever even seen a Koran, let alone read one, but I don’t find what you are saying particularly shocking. Not because I assume Islam to be particularly venal, but because I find humanity on the whole to be somewhat delusional.
    We are necessarily applying top down, after the fact rationalizations to what are bottom up emergent circumstances. Given that Islam was a very effective and successful political and military movement for its first seven hundred years, in an area of the world with very deep sectarian divides that had been developing since the dawn of humanity, it is probably not surprising that its core canon should be a manual of political and military opportunism. As opposed to say Christianity, which was an underground movement for its first four hundred years, before being coopted as a state religion.
    What needs to be kept in mind though, is that this created a stable space in which a very vibrant culture had the ability to grow and develop. If one considered the actual facts of the colonization of the Americas, versus the stories told to schoolchildren, it would seem equally delusional. Yet that also created the space for a very successful culture to develop.
    Now Islam has been in decline since the fall of the Ottoman Empire and often its lands and people have been pawns in western political intrigue. It has only been the injection of enormous amounts of wealth into the gulf states, for their oil, that has powered this resurgence of a particularly fundamentalist variety of Islam that is largely militaristic in nature, but with messianic pretensions, which is the source of the current tension.
    It is now their stated goal to prod the west into an allergic reaction to the whole of the Islamic world, in order to start a conflict they think they can at least prevail in central Asia. Which they appear to be doing quite effectively, given the prevalence of views such as yours.
    Unfortunately for their goals, the source of this wealth and strength is a oil and finance based deep western state that is finding them to be more trouble than they are worth.
    Considering the Saudi connections to 9/11, which were originally based on the oil companies that founded the Saudi oil industry and were brought into play in the Afghan War, against the Soviets, it is ironic to now see the Russians coming in as the white knight to clarify this divide and add more weight to the western civil side. Even to the point of knocking the neoconservative power brokers behind much of this down a few notches.
    It seems quite likely that Saudi Arabia is about to find itself the odd man out and expendable. This should not be a reason to destroy all the benefits Islam has managed to provide peoples of the world.
    I can only say that what will happen, is going to happen and it might be more useful in the long run to maintain a clear head and try to figure out how humanity can be saved from its own hubris. There is much to many cultures that is equally blind and destructive. The winners in these conflicts often find ways to impale themselves on their own worst traits.
    We are also on the verge of a debt implosion that will only create more chaos and confusion and the powers that be will be looking for scapegoats to divert attention from their own perfidy. Civil cultures should not be turned against one another, in order to do this.


  8. EugenR Says:

    The question is not if the Muslim community condemns the acts of violence done by muslim youth, but if they are ready to condemn the very idea of Califat as an aggressive Imperialistic ideology of the worst kind.


    • hazxan Says:

      The related question is: does the Western community condemn the innocents killed in Iraq by the invasion? Does the Western community condemn the estinmated 500,000 chilldren killed as a result of the sanctions and bombing of their water supply? Well, US diplomat Madeleine Albright clearly doesn’t as she was quoted as saying “..we think the price is worth it”.

      ISIS are not the only psychopathic leaders who consider civilians as a “price worth paying” to achieve their ends.


      • EugenR Says:

        And i thought, who is killing the Iraqi children, are ISIS, following the excellent example of the great Arab leaders like Sadam, Asad, etc. But after all it is a small price to pay for the goal to establish the Califat world wide. After all by then anyway everybody will be dead out of collapse of human civilization, including you.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:

        W. Bush is a war criminal, and all Americans who supported him supported a war criminal (which brings in the question whether those who supported Hitler were war criminals; I think they were).

        The USA committed many war crimes in Iraq, including war of aggression and dismantling the Iraqi state. Really many. Aby Graib’s pictures was just a comic aside. Strangling to death Iraqi generals was not.


      • Patrice Ayme Says:


      • tom Says:

        Which invasion? The first one (Kuweit) or the second one(‘WMD’)? The ending of the first invasion did not make much sense and the sanctions hit everyone but the one they were supposed to. It’s easy to accept a price that will be paid with other people’s lives. That said there are decisions that are hard, such as bombing Libya(let Quaddafi annihilate Benghazi or risk the current mess?), some that are reckless (such as invading Iraq without a plan of disengaging while leaving Iraq in a better or at least no worse state and some that are downright stupid such as Kossovo. And of course the ‘shock&awe’ treatment on countries that are no threat has to be compared to the pressure on say Israel every time it responds to attacks just because it takes fewer losses that the opponent.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          The mess in Libya is not the atrocious thing Qaddafi’s rule was. I completely support the pre-Islamist sub-nations of Libya which want a sort of independence, and being able to use their culture, language and alphabet which is more than 3,000 years old. That’s dear to me, and I wrote about it well before the occasion came to terminate the dictator of Libya.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      More exactly as much of the Qur’an as worst than the worst of Mein Kampf


  9. hazxan Says:

    “More than 99% of known religions are, by the standards of the Rights of Man and the Citizen, not just evil, but illegal.”

    But still, when the numbers are crunched, nothing comes near the modern secular state ideologies for the brutal effectiveness of their killing, torturing and land stealing machines.

    How many innocent millions were killed by the slave trade? Sure, christianity eased the conscience, but it was all about business at root.

    And still is. The West could wipe out Isis in an instant if it wasn’t worried about the implications for various business deals.

    We could support the Kurds as so far they on the ground have provided the only successes. Not the French bombing which only provides good business for defence contractors, which prop up both the UK and French economies since we outsourced everything else.

    But the Kurds have a strong left wing worker democratic ethos. And while our leaders are still clinging to the last gasps of life in neo-liberalism,the PKK will get no support and we will turn a blind eye to Turkish support for ISIS and attacks on the Kurds.


  10. red Says:

    “Who said there could not be progress.?”

    well, look at the current “cultures” around the world, tell me which one is progress ?

    Atleast the religion(s) were providing some sort of “clue” (way to live a happy life) to the masses, now the global sheeple in the 21st century are more clueless than ever. They dont have a culture, a religion, or even a proper .gov (or some sort of ‘cracy) to help. Progress ?

    “Western culture” became the world culture. Though it has its “freedoms” (lol), there is a lot it lacks.


  11. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [Sent to WordPress’ mushy gathering of PC essays about the Paris attacks:]

    Don’t be what the Nazis want us to be? So if Islamists want us to be idolaters of music, soccer, restaurants, and sitting in cafes terraces, we should not want that, because they want us to be like that? What kind of logic is that?

    As Voltaire said: “Muhammad, or intolerance” (Title of one of Voltaire’s plays)… “One must crush infamy.”

    Lying about Islam is hardwired in the Qur’an:


  12. hazxan Says:

    Do you not think the ISIS situation has more in common with the 1969 Cambodia bombing campaign leading to the rise of the Khmer Rouge? They too, were a tiny medievalist sect of no significance till intense bombing involving the deaths of thousands of innocents and the effective destruction of their livelihoods.After the bombing, causing an estimated 500,000 deaths, the Khmer Rouge grew from, less than 5,000 to 200,000.

    This continual equating of ISIS with Nazism seems like a “bait and switch”. The situation between the two countries had the similarity of smashed economies. But unlike the Iraqis, German civilians and infrastructure were not bombed and starved in the 1930’s .

    In desparation most, if not all, human beings will resort to tyrannical dictators if it keeps them fed, watered and also provides a clear enemy to blame for the horrors suffered. We see that in a lesser scale in the west with the rise of extreme right wing views and aggression from local thugs directed to random foreigners. A bombing campaign would be just what those thugs would need to take over power.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Khmer Rouges were eliminated by the Vietnamese Army using overwhelming force. A very good thing.

      Today’s jets bomb with enormous precision. One raid of ten Rafales achieves more military destruction than one by hundreds of bombers in WWII (the latter kept a lot of civilans busy for months, though…) Each bomb goes where it is supposed to go (notwithstanding the relentless bombing of the MSF hospital in Afghanistan… A weird event) The Russian supersonic T22 used old fashion bombing, the Rafales use military GPS (they can also use laser targeting against opportunistic targets)


  13. Patrice Ayme Says:

    [WORDPRESS REMOVES my comments, by the way. Here is the latest they censored:]

    The problem comes directly from the Qur’an, as reading my site shows. It seems my two previous comments were removed, and this is entirely the problem with Qur’an terrorism.


  14. tom Says:

    Nice to have documentation from someone who actually bothered to read the Quran. Most of us would consider it a huge waste of time reading a lunatic text, something like reading Mein Kampf. The only person I know who called islam ‘religion of peace’ is G.W.Bush. The point with islamophiles or apologists is that NO other religion TODAY has a record of such huge scale crimes. So there is really nothing to discuss. There can be no ‘moderate’ nazis and no moderate islam that has not taken a clear unconditional stand against all these verses and ‘misinterpretations’ AND BACKED them up with actions, such as turning in the criminals.


  15. picard578 Says:

    Reblogged this on Defense Issues and commented:
    Comment I added on another reblog:
    Fact is that multiculturalism is wrong. It breeds conflict, formality, intolerance. And just FYI: I have no problem with people from Muslim countries coming to Europe – assuming that they return home and use knowledge they gain to better their home societies. But that goes against neoliberal anti-human, anti-nation, anti-Christianity, anti-European policies. One of main goals behind the wars all over the muslim world, one of reasons why US created ISIS, is destruction of traditional Europe and creation of politically correct, shallow, unicultural (Western-type multiculturalism always ends in uniculturalism) United States of Europe, ruled by corporations, for corportations and against people, using intercultural conflicts caused by mass immigration to keep masses in check. These USE are just a step, however, towards creating a north-Atlantic superpower by uniting them with United States of America, Canada and maybe Mexico as well, a superpower where corporations will rule with no law, no democratic institutions and no economic or moral regulative to stand in the way of accumulation of riches.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Thanks Picard! ;-)!

      I agree that the present way Europe is organized is WAY too favorable to corporations and other plutocrats… It’s basically what the Italian fascists called “fascismo”… More people are talking about DIRECT democracy (see latest essay with the text of Houellebecq).


      • picard578 Says:

        Yeah, that is a real problem. We got our democracy hijacked right under our noses.


        • Patrice Ayme Says:

          Islamism, like Nazism and Fascism, and Sovietism, and globalization, and tax evasion, got tremendous help from Western plutocrats, not just because they made tremendous profits, but also because, subconsciously (maybe), or deliberately, they knew it would weaken the working classes.

          Now many of these rogue waves are starting to interfere constructively… This is always how serious wars happen.


          • picard578 Says:

            Agreed. In fact, encouragment of immigration is primarily done in order to reduce the average standard of citizens and, by creating a large pool of poor, to reduce wages and create inter-society conflicts.


          • Patrice Ayme Says:

            Agreed, and there is worse. Ultimately this is all about defense. (More answer on a separate comment, to avoid nestling.)


  16. picard578 Says:

    Just a note: there is a lot Russia has to repent for what it had done, but there is also a lot that West has to repent for doing to Russia. Namely, forceful introduction of neoliberalism which was only stopped once Putin got in power (hence all Putin hate, not that the man is a saint in any way). This had the effect of gutting Russian economy, significantly reducing fertility rates and increasing emmigration and mortality rates, even when compared to USSR. Basically, neoliberalism was destroying Russia just as it is destroying the West, but while in the West it is a homemade evil, in Russia it was introduced by the West.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      I agree, and I have long written, that the advice the so-called “West” gave to Russia in the 1990s was disastrous. The core of the effort was HARVARD University, where a number of professors made a fortune by entangling themselves with Yeltsin and oligarchs. That made a scandal at Harvard, but no more. In truth those professors should have been put in jail for years, or even be arrested by the FSB, after being extradited to Russia.

      Contrarily to legend, the USSR had some great economic successes. And the most important ones, such as the mass production of the superior T34 tank, starting in 1942, as you know.
      “Free market” (so-called) is neither free, nor a market, and, in any case, government led economy, the most important part of the economy (see the F35!)


  17. Kevin Berger Says:

    Well, back in the early 2000’s, there were a few excellent (in context) websites about Islam to be found on the French internet, though clearly in the islamophobia/Natio camp. I just checked back, to found my favorite then, the one I found the most accessible yet interesting, gone; that’s too bad, I guess, but reading your entry about some of the very basics that are seemingly ignored by all – like the “recitation” nature of the coran (the literal voice of Allah, as opposed to a book), the abrogation principle, the Mecca vs Medina verses -, that brings me back.

    Anyway, there are two others points that were well-covered as well, and that you do not seem to tackle, and those would be

    1) the amount of circumstantial and archeological evidences that would point to the truth of early Islam being far removed from what is is supposed to be (putting it bluntly, the “early years” of Islam, its golden age, is a myth, a fairy tale, covering up a rather nasty phase of empire-building); which would make the very involutive nature of Islam, always seeking parousie in the imitation of its past, even more ironical.


    2) Further clues pointing to the idea that Mohamet himself is a mythological figure; in fact, there is IIUC even less historical evidence of him being anything else than a later construct made from different successive figures, both historical and religious, than for JC.
    And God know how much you like to attack the historicity of Jesus, if I may write so.

    As a matter of fact, the historical study of Islam as a religion, as opposed to its religious study, is more or less dead in the water since the late 70’s, due to first the Iranian revolution, and then the Deobandi/Salafist “revival”; which is certainly too bad, since what was and is still being found AFAICT pretty much goes against Islam’s self history : start about 3 centuries earlier, in the greater Syria area; is a Jewish heresy incorporating some Christian heresy eschatology; doesn’t use Arabic as a vehicle, since the language itself doesn’t even quite exist yet (the earliest corans found tend to be written in Syriac IIRC, and predate Mahomet by a couple centuries); the coran is first a doctrinal manual used to drive Arab peninsula suppletives; that becomes fixed in its more or less current form only in the putative times of Mahomet, with several, if not many, diverging versions being lost to history; Mahomet himself probably is a probably but a convenient ad hoc version of a biblical patriarch; the first mosques pointed toward Jerusalem; Mecca isn’t a muslim center until rather late in muslim history (the city’s history itself probably is mostly BS, which is why IMHO the Saudis are so intent and successful on erasing every physical traces of it); there is no Sunni/Shia diverging, but rather two different religions joining (proto-shiites would hail from Yemen IIRC) and diverging again; and there was that third big branch of Islam that existed in North Africa for long, until being re-absorbed into “sunnism”.

    I am by no means a specialist, not even an educated person, and in actuality, I discovered I couldn’t care less (as Michel wrote; “la religion la plus con, on est attéré, etc, etc” and he was dead right, it’s mind-control through double-bind, cognitive dissonance and obsessive-compulsive behaviours on a grand scale, nothing more, no spirituality, nothing).

    So, take that with a large grain of salt, but, this isn’t just pulled out of my hat.


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Dear Kevin:
      In far back essays, I cover extensively intricate details of early Islam, especially writing of the Qur’an under the order of the dictator (“Successor, “Caliph”) Uthman, with Aisha, the Battle of the Camel and the caliphate of Ali, etc…
      I covered all this stuff in great detail.
      To find out about myself, I just google Patrice Ayme X Y … where X Y is what I am looking for (say Aisha =X, Battle Camel = Y)
      I hope this will go on. I had a back exchange with WordPress about this Islam-Political Correctness of them.

      Don’t laugh. I came close to death several times, and each time I got very surprised. Even when one knows one is danger, oblivion’s sudden proximity is a surprise.
      Here I am just thinking death by Internet…

      I do believe Jesus was (mostly) imaginary (see what Saint Paul says about him) and Muhammad was real.

      However, I agree with Aisha that there are dramatic differences between Uthman’s Qur’an and what Muhammad would have liked. There are reasons to believe this (at least in my opinion). I get that from a refined analysis of the broad strokes of Muhammad’s life.

      This, in turn, offers a tremendous occasion: just abrogate all parts of the Qur’an incompatible with humanism, that is, incompatible with the republic.

      I have also written extensively about the Golden Age of Islam (GAI): it’s mostly a fiction for the reasons I exposed then. Quite a bit of it is like the “Arabic Numerals”… truly INDIAN Numerals. So lots of these Arabs are actually Persians. The founder of the Iberian Caliphate had red hair and blue eyes… I guess, too much marrying those GRECO-Roman princesses.

      Muslims were a minority in the Caliphates during the GAI. Many “Islam” savants turn out to have been Jews…

      Another thing I seem to have been the only one paying attention to it: the ARAB Caliphate of Damascus, having been decapitated THREE times in Francia by francia, collapsed, never to be seen again. What happen next is that the Persians moved in (750 CE), and endowed themselves with an Arab FIGUREHEAD.

      That the Syrian-Arab Caliphate’s army got annihilated in Francia, three times, and this hydra had just three heads is overlooked by the Bin Laden types…

      Thus Islam has made the regions it dominated definitively second zone (make no mistake, I love “Muslim” art, from painting, mosque to music… although much is older than Islam…


    • Patrice Ayme Says:

      Islam, as practiced in Senegal, especially after French military encouragement, had nearly nothing to do with what is going on around Mecca. As Abou Diouf said: “Ce sont deux religions completement differentes”. Thus the Saudi made tremendous efforts to stamp out West African Sufism (whose roots as you say are much older than Islam; hence the destruction in Mali by the Salafists against Black African “Islam”….

      West African Sufism I knew should replace Wahhabism/Salafism/Sadistic Saudism….


  18. Patrice Ayme Says:

    To Picard578:
    What you say is correct, especially in the USA, and trade globalization only makes it worse. Globalization uses dreadfully low salaries overseas and subsidies in fossil fuels. Cutting the subsidies for fossil fuels, and, a fortiori, putting a carbon tax on goods imported from very far (both of which are OK with the WTO, BTW) would be good for the 99%.

    When as bad a plane as the F35 is the most expensive military program ever, it’s a defense issue.

    But trade and a society of inequity are even more acute and deeper, actually, DEFENSE ISSUES. They are the fundamental defense issues. When schools fail, it’s a defense issue. If youth starts to hate the entire society (see Europe), it’s also a defense issue.


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