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Oumuamua (1I) and Vega

February 11, 2019

Last year saw the first out of Solar System object zoom by. Some said it was obviously an extraterrestrial starship considering its shape and speed and origin:
The subject of planets around other stars is as philosophical as philosophical can be: Giordano Bruno was tortured for 7 years, and burned alive, after mutilations, just for claiming there were other star systems, with planets… (that offended the Jesus myth… Did each inhabited planet come with its own little green Jesus?)

We need hope, a wider perspective: the cosmos provides them, even if we don’t get there, we can dream of it… Dreaming leads. Good dreams do best…. And displace nightmares… Loving the cosmos displaces hating neighbors
Planetary formation is a subject in formation… and crucial, for giving us humans cosmic hope and purpose, an arrow for civilization…. Seems to me Dr. Ian Miller is saying that HABITABILITY, usually interpreted as the zone in a Solar System where liquid water can be found on the surface, also influences planetary formation crucially. I like it, a lot.

My own original idea on life creating planets is that they need to be in the radioactive belt… Habitability is a different notion:


Oumuamua is a small asteroidal object somewhere between 100 – 1000 meters long and is considerably longer than it is broad. Basically, it looks like a slab of rock, and is currently passing through the solar system on its way to wherever. It is our first observation of an interstellar object hence the bracketed formal name: 1 for first, I for interstellar. How do we know it came from interstellar space? Its orbit has been mapped, and its eccentricity determined. The eccentricity of a circular orbit is zero; an eccentricity greater than zero but less than one means the object is in an elliptical orbit, and the larger the eccentricity, the bigger the difference between closest and furthest approach to the sun. Oumuamua was found to have an eccentricity of 1.1995, which means, being greater than 1, it is on a hyperbolic orbit. It started somewhere where the sun’s gravity…

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