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Love Ali, Not The Concussions A Brutal Society Cherish

June 10, 2016

A society given to brutality needs brutes. Doing very bad things to heads, especially the heads of children, will help that way. It’s not a coincidence that the great age of Roman plutocracy was also the great age of gladiators, or often deadly chariot races (see the movie Ben Hur as reference there! Chariot races craze replaced thoroughly the rest of Roman intellectual activity, all the way to the time, in the Seventh Century, when the Arab Muslims smashed the empire).

I always esteemed the boxer who grew up as Cassius Clay, who was buried today, after decades of neurological decay.

In spite of the fact he decided he would become a Muslim named Muhammad Ali (after the Prophet and his son-in-law and cousin). I have something against people who decides that pre-Medieval systems of thought can teach higher morality. But Ali fought against the Vietnam War. He caused a scandal by observing:”I have nothing against them, Vietcong”. Then he refused to be drafted, but did not flee the USA. At the time, March 1966, that was tantamount to treason.

Appearing for his ordered induction into the U.S. Armed Forces on April 28, 1967, in Houston, Ali refused three times to step forward at the call of his name. An officer warned him he was committing a felony punishable by five years in prison and a fine of $10,000. Once more, Ali refused to budge when his name was called. As a result, he was arrested. On the same day the New York State Athletic Commission suspended his boxing license and stripped him of his world heavyweight champion title.

Bang Those Heads Hard, It's Glorious. Ali Smashes Foreman's Brains In Congo, Regaining (His) World Heavyweight Title.

Bang Those Heads Hard, It’s Glorious. Ali Smashes Foreman’s Brains In Congo, Regaining (His) World Heavyweight Title.

Ali was denied a boxing licence in every American state, while his passport was confiscated. Thus Ali could not fight between the age of 25 and 29. By 1971, Ali’s position against the Vietnam War was widely shared, and courts started to reverse his conviction, and various official abuse he was submitted to. Thus Ali helped cognition in the US, and thus civilization, significantly.

The rest of Ali’s boxing career was glorious. However, thousands of blows to Ali’s head made him victim of a Parkinson-like disease. He just died from it. Ali recognized the nature of his disease, and its origin. His slightly younger brother, Rahman Ali, who, himself, had 20 strokes revealed years ago that his brother could barely speak and was unable to recognize him anymore.


So Why Are So Many Children Forced Into Concussion Sports? Is Not That Child Abuse?

Cassius Clay started boxing at age 12. He died at 74, after years of increasing ailment from his concussion induced illness.

Some will say Clay/Ali had a great life, thanks to all these concussions (Ali himself said something not far from that). They could point to Paulson, once a professional football player, who became the chairman of Goldman Sachs, then, as had already happened with Robert Rubin, Treasury Secretary. As such Paulson gave orders not just to the Republican candidate for the presidency, but also to Barack Obama, who agreed.

My thesis is this: great Lords need great brutes to implement their rule. A solution is to tape their heads, compress the forebrains, build super brutes this way. A number of tribes, countries, societies did this, including in the Americas.

Similarly, concussion sports help to decerebrate the individuals most lethal to established order; young males. Hence the popularity of American football, Hockey, all sports requiring helmets because of constant shocks,

Concussions are only part of the problem. Another is drug abuse, or even time abuse to entice children into competition sports. Much of this happens in many countries, not just Russia, but also the USA (remember BALCO?), where the empire is mighty and nasty. In Russia, the FSB, which used to be known as the KGB, where Putin made his career, all the way to the top, is apparently involved in filling up athletes with illicit drugs, to help Russia win lots of medals at the Olympics, and other international competitions.

The USA is better organized than that: the intelligence agencies are not involved with drugs that way (they have higher pursuits). No need. They prefer to be involved with the so-called “social networks”, which one should perhaps know as the “spy networks”.

So celebrate the Cassius Clay then known as Muhammad Ali. But remember what made him live, increasingly, over decades, more and more, him who like to talk so well, like a thoroughly boiled vegetable. What killed Ali was the love of a particular society for concussions, and all the sports bringing as much concussions, and horrendous abuse, as possible. Professional American football players have been reported to have very short lifespans and very bad neurological diseases (not just Parkinson, Alzheimer and AMLS…) The subject is rather controversial, but not new: a century ago, just for that reason, a serious effort was conducted to make American football unlawful. After all, gladiator combat is unlawful, even in the US.

In any case, all these spectacle sports teach by example. And the example concussion sports teach is that monstrosity pays. And it pays very well.

Patrice Ayme’

Who Needs Spanking? France, or Europe?

March 4, 2015

There is, in the Anglosphere, a systematic bias against the French Republic. The latest: an English organization “APPROACH” got France condemned by the “Council of Europe for the tortures allegedly inflicted in France on French children by sadistic French parents.

France, presently at war in several countries, just scoffed: the mood in France at this point is that there was not enough discipline, and too much laxity. No other country in the world is as obsessed by its own children as France. (France spends the most of all countries in the world on care and education of her children, until the age of 12, very clearly.)

Then I read a long article in Nature on the connection between corruption and the lack of innovation (the more corrupt a country is, the less innovative). That was also an Anglosphere based article. What struck me was that the article considered France half corrupt, so to speak. Half-way between the most corrupt European countries, and the less corrupt (Sweden). That was in contradiction with official European statistics:

Truth: France Less Corrupt That Sweden

Truth: France Less Corrupt That Sweden

Now this lie, that France is half-corrupt, is in a major article in Nature, the most famous peer reviewed journal, in 2015! Anglosphere anti-French propaganda never rests, and no lie is big enough?

On a philosophical-historical level, it is clear that France is much less corrupt than Sweden. France is a Republic, Sweden a monarchy founded by Napoleon (!), Sweden was Hitler’s most useful collaborator in World War Two, second only to American plutocrats viewed as a set. Sweden gave Hitler all the high quality iron he needed to make his weapons. In Spring 1940, France and Britain decided to act, and, invading through invaded Norway, were in the process of preparing to cut Sweden in two (to stop the flow of iron to Hitler), when France got invaded. So the French army, which had routed elite Nazi troops in Norway, was recalled.

Now, of course, Sweden is cooperating with the worst aspect of the USA, in the Snowden affair. And not just that, but a Swedish-American fighter plane is used as a Trojan Horse against the usual suspect, France.

The problem with Sweden is not enough spanking: the country collaborated with the Nazis like crazy, but never even examined, let alone punish itself (in France, 40,000 collaborators were executed, 200,000 condemned; however the collaboration of Sweden with Hitler was voluntary, and greed propelled, whereas France was defeated first, and then the Nazis were able to find criminals to help them; the fact that, to this day, Sweden did not self-spank about the whole affair, is abysmal; is it because spanking is outlawed in Sweden?)

But back to our British “Charity”: The “Association for the Protection of All Children” (APPROACH), a “Charity” in the UK, has the “right to register a collective complaint”. Charity to whom? Plutocrats?

“The aims and objects of APPROACH Ltd are “To prevent cruelty and maltreatment of children and advance public knowledge in the United Kingdom and abroad in all matters concerning the protection of children and young people from physical punishment and all other injurious, humiliating and/or degrading treatment whether inside or outside the home”.

There are, of course, laws in France against mistreating children. There is even a mighty state agency specifically in charge of this.

So this makes the following complaint irrelevant:

“The complaint alleges that France is in violation of Article 17 of the Charter because of the lack of explicit and effective prohibition of all corporal punishment of children, in the family, schools and other settings, and because France has failed to act with due diligence to eliminate such punishment in practice…. Millions of children are thus suffering violations of their right to respect for their human dignity and physical integrity.”

That’s purely defamatory: there is no evidence of corporal punishment of children in France anymore, than say, Britain. Actually there is evidence that British youth is exposed to more violence than French youth.

My own nephew, who lives in a tough part of France, where youth are pretty violent by French standards (Aix-Marseilles), lived in England as a teenager, and was astounded by the level of violence in South-East and East England where he resided. A particular problem in Britain is binge drinking among students:

At Least three Binge Drinking In The Last 30 Days For Students Is Very Violent Abuse

At Least three Binge Drinking In The Last 30 Days For Students Is Very Violent Abuse

So what is going on?

We have seen it before: the plutocrats in the Anglosphere (those who provide funds for “charities”) do not miss an occasion to attack France.

This is nothing new. France is generally accused of the “Terror” of 1793, but those who do this always “forget” to mention that the coalition which started to invaded France in Spring 1792 (that is, well before) threatened officially to “inflict an ever memorable vengeance by delivering over the CITY OF PARIS TO MILITARY EXECUTION and COMPLETE DESTRUCTION…”

So the “Terror” and Holocaust habit was actually started by plutocrats, many of them, if not most of them, based in England (and certainly England got the ball rolling against revolutionary France).

Ever since, France and her “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” has been in the crosshairs of plutocratic “charities”.

Thus French cheese was declared dangerous (hey, French bacteria inside!), and the European Union tried to outlaw it, for years. Wonder why the French National front is becoming the party the French prefer? The first thing the National Front wants to do is “get out of Europe“. Whatever “getting out of Europe” means. But it may mean, in practice, that Europe stop getting its orders from people who, like Draghi (Economics PhD MIT, 1979) or J-C Juncker, have made their entire careers, serving USA plutocrats. And reserving European edicts to absurd orders about the details of daily lives, while giant plutocratic institutions (corporations, individuals) are financed to the tune of hundreds of billions of Euros every few months.

More generally, why would plutocrats want the French not to touch their children anymore? Because plutocrats want human beings infeodated to them to be as inhuman and robotic as possible: one is better served by well programmed automatons. The casual, down to earth, natural and life loving attitude of the French is the symbol of the rebellious spirit plutocrats fear: what do these French think, believing they can interact with their children without the “Council of Europe” watching their every move?

“APPROACH” wants to protect young people from injurious, humiliating and/or degrading treatment… So what about paying enormous tuition for going to school? This is now the case in England (where, under Cameron the plutocrat, university tuition has reached USA levels). Is not paying much of a family income to attend school injurious? Let alone degrading and humiliating (as most youth cannot afford it)?

Canada forbids spanking, but in just a small part of Canada, 3,000 young women disappeared in recent years (only one culprit was found so far, a pig farmer, who fed girls to his animals; but he killed only a few dozens; Canada denied for years that there was a problem). Sweden also, loud and clear, has outlawed spanking, but has alarming levels of violence against women (not overall, but for rape).

Overall Violence Against Women Worldwide: Less In France, Italy, Spain

Overall Violence Against Women Worldwide: Less In France, Italy, Spain

In countries not France, I have seen parents terrified apparently to touch their children in any way. What they do generally is play ball with them, in a sort of semi-formal way (“Hey buddy, here is the ball…”). That’s officially safe. But is it really so?

Once people are afraid to interact with their children, they leave free access to the propaganda of real malfeasance against children. For example contact sports (American football, rugby, hockey, even soccer…) with their concussions: plutocrats prefer their slaves decerebrated. Many of the thugs employed in High Finance have a past in very violent sports: it goes together. By playing “American Football” or Hockey, they have learned to abuse others, and they justify that by letting themselves be abused.

One ends with creatures obsessed by scoring, winning, while looking superficially correct, and, their brains being fracked all over by concussions and their scars, unable to think of anything much. Thus, perfect servants of the established High Financial order.

Nobody has died of spanking, ever, that I have heard of. But in just one week in the USA, hundreds of youth suffer concussions, and several die. From American Football alone. Clearly a case of lethal, or morbid, child abuse. But nothing that “APPROACH” will ever approach, as that would be reproached by its sponsors.

American children with marmalade brains, dying all over from football? Ah, but, they are not French! Thus, who cares? Is that the logic? It is flattering in a devious way…

Patrice Ayme’