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Did Xi’s Great Reich Have World Criminal Intent? 

May 13, 2020

Other title, to sound more serious:

All dictatorships  are criminal, in peacetime. But it is one thing, to be criminal inside one’s own country, and it is another, to project one’s criminality onto the world. At first sight, Xi’s regime did the modern equivalent of distributing smallpox blankets to the savages. And we are the savages. So we have been savaged.

At the very least, the West should be able to find out what happened. But Xi’s dictatorship has blocked inquiries. 

My old position on the subject was that the pandemic was made possible by the closed nature of the People Republic of China. But that position turns out to be too moderate. At some point, at the latest around January 7, 2020, Xi and his goons were aware of the danger posed by the new Coronavirus. Why the 7th of January? Because Xi then gave a discourse about the virus to his top goons. By January 23, the enormous city of Wuhan (bigger population than Sweden), and the province of Hubei (as populous as Turkey or Germany) were lockdowned. In particular, all flights were grounded. All land communications were cut out of Hubei, or within Hubei, between cities and villages.

[Vice-President Biden and Virusman Xi, 2013.] US Plutocracy made Hitler, to propel its own greed and empire, in the guise of good business, and jettisoned the German fascist states, when it became useful to do so… twice… US plutocracy also helped to make Xi, same idea. Xi changed the Chinese constitution after being encouraged in his way by Obama goons and US plutocrats, for years. But jettisoning the “Central State” (China) may prove harder… Lest we act now: Xi inherited his power from his dad, but he is still relatively weak, with enemies inside. To wait means a Chinese Kim style family. Virusman is still not as virulent as he will get, now is the time.

Meanwhile the WHO and its head, pushed and installed by Xi and his friends, kept on saying the virus couldn’t be transmitted human to human. Now this head of the WHO is the first who is not a physician, and comes from a country (Ethiopia) with tortured politics (the present leader of Ethiopia got a Nobel Peace Prize but is involved in a nasty civil war now). 

At the very least Xi’s dictatorship is guilty of CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE; they committed acts, such as authorizing flights from Wuhan to the rest of the world, or claiming there was no human to human transmission, while knowing very well that such positioning endangered the rest of the world. And the result was hundreds of thousands dead worldwide, millions sick, and economic damage commensurate, so far with China’s entire yearly GDP.

When it arose after 1948, the Cold War with Russia was NOT caused by Stalin’s USSR being criminally negligent and bringing the death of hundreds of thousands of citizens of NATO countries [1]. In other words, the Cold War got launched, although there was no act of war (Casus Belli: Case Of War).

Xi and his goons knew, by early January, that there was human to human transmission. Had there been free press, free media in China, it would have been obvious there was a vicious SARS epidemic going on, at least a month earlier. Here is the problem of having a Closed Society. But, when the leadership of the Xi Reich decided to act decisively one way, to save massively lives inside China, while it and its agent (the WHO) decided to act the opposite for lives OUTSIDE China, one can only conclude there was a deliberate policy to inflict a pandemic onto the rest of the world.

Did Xi’s Dictatorship have criminal intent? Looks like it. Plutocratic sycophants go around and say a new cold war, this time with a Chinese dictatorship, would be a terrible mistake. Methinks that it would be a worse mistake to do nothing. The casual disregard of most of humanity by Xi is a warning. Let’s not forget his dad was from a regime which didn’t mind to kill dozens of millions to get its way.

What to do?


Ideally, overthrow the dictatorship… But remember what happened with Sparta, Athens and Persia: 

The situation we have with Xi’s Great Reich is similar with the Direct Democracy of Athens facing the fascist Persian plutocracy. What happened then is that Persia attacked and was defeated in two separate wars it launched. Then Athens tried to free Egypt, its ancient trading partner, in a long war it lost. Persia gained time, and then Sparta attacked Athens, and after thirty years, won, thanks to massive Persian financial intervention (Persia paid and made a Spartan fleet which was the proximal cause of Spartan victory).

What is the exact analogy? China as Persia, Russia as Persia, and the rather more than less degenerated West as Athens. Now Russia is getting hit hard by the Corochinavirus. And, differently from Sparta which was a fascist, racist, lethally murderous regime, Russia, is, nominally, a Republic with a permanent feature, strongman Putin, reminiscent of Pericles. Pericles had an excellent second wife, the philosopher Aspasia, but, he was, overall, a small-man fool (long story involving Pericles’ war plans conducive to a devastating epidemic, as happened; and also self-contradicting, self-destroying, and Athens’ destroying xenophobia). Now Putin has no Aspasia, a state-of the art thinker, instead he goes to talk with monks, who are state-of-the-middle-ages thinkers…

Thus, it’s important to not drive too much of a wedge between Russia and the rest of the West… (I am an old enemy of Putin, who couldn’t resist capturing Putin, land occupied by the Ancient Greeks for a millennium before the Huns came from Mongolia, causing invasions all over).


Shutting down Xi should be easy:

Bring back as much of the essential economic activities of the West presently conducted inside China until such a level that full war can be conducted the next day. Yes, full war. That means, for example, that the countless drugs presently made in China including the active principles of many antibiotics, and even hydroxychloroquine, should be brought back (even the hydroxychloroquine “made” in India uses an active principle from China). All dual purposes technologies should be exported to China when and only when they are militarily obsolete. 

This will require a refoundation of the US patent system, devastated by Obama and his China friendly plutocratic monopolistic goons… many of them billionaires giving the appearance of a soul to the “Democratic” Party.

As far as a global trading system is concerned, doing without the Chinese dictatorship would not just be salutary, it would be easy. First we can collaborate with India, a giant democracy, soon even larger in population than China… And historically, India was a crucial part of the Middle Earth supercivilization, the Indo-Euro-African ensemble. There is all of South America, all of Africa, to trade with. Trading to the obsessive extent we have been doing, with the Chinese dictatorship has only encouraged the rise of a more malignant form, the Xi regime. The Xi regime is the most aggressive regime based in Beijing since the Mongols ruled China (and tried to invade Japan and Indonesia…)


The kindness towards dictator Xi went in parallel with the kindness towards our own plutocrats

… which the Obama puppet regime displayed. Admiring a big strongman is conducive to admiring the smaller monopolists collaborating with him. Reminder; this is what happened with Hitler: without his US plutocrats to feed him, finance him and arm him, Hitler would have been nothing. IBM having the entire monopoly of computing inside Hitler’s Reich is enough of a proof. The same. Or similar happened with hundreds of other major US-Nazi industries. We have a similar situation with Xi Reich. It should be discontinued. 

As the Romans used to say: Si vis pacem, para bellum! If want peace, prepare war. Time to prepare war with Xi. After all, war with us is what he has been conducting (with much help from his friends the Western plutocrats). Not true? Prove it. We will soon have millions of corpses to point at, and the king of China has to explain to us why it’s not his fault, when everything points to the contrary. 

Do we want the world to live, threatened by such a lunatic?

Patrice Ayme   


[1] If the Cold War was launched without Casus Belli, one may ask if the Cold War was not an over reaction. No, as far as the US plutocracy was concerned, for three reasons:

  1. The Cold War was designed to cover the tracks of the US leadership (FDR + Deep State + US plutocracy behind both)… which had given half of Europe to Stalin.
  2. The aim of giving half of Europe to a stupid dictatorship was tantamount to keeping the other half of Europe, the old main center of civilization, hence creativity, under watch by the Stalin watchdog. Hence, instead of focusing on the problem of plutocracy and exactly what just happened within Europe (crafty promotion of German fascism and Nazism by US plutocracy), the European intellectual class launched itself in idle pursuits.
  3. It launched a kabuki theater of fighting pseudo problems (like the Vietnam War: the US and Vietnam are now allies)… instead of the real problem, namely who is pulling the strings in the West.  

Does Tremendously Stimulating Debt Bother The Future? 

April 18, 2020

The Government Is Essential And Has Always Practiced Governmentalism, And That Includes Offering Enough Money To Run An Economy:

Government Debt, in a sovereign state, is just potential tax deferred. 

So far the bailout piled up by Trump amounts to 6.2 TRILLION dollars (a number Europeans can’t understand, let alone approve of: Europeans don’t understand many things these days, for example common sense). This is just phase 3 of the stimulus. Phase 4 is being prepared by Trump, who is ready to roll it out…

Thus an alarmed billionairess, Nancy Marie Antoinette Pelosi, the third person of the USA, fled Washington for her Napa valley secondary home mansion, to pose in front of her $24,000 refrigerators full of designer ice cream, and lecture us on her Political Correctness… Thus Nancy Antoinette prevented Trump from injecting immediately another 350 billion dollars into small businesses… The preceding 250 billions having run out… Inversion of all values?

Hearing about the colossal bail-outs, some of the right wing politicians, infeodated to the old global plutocracy, and their media, such as the famed hypocrite, “The Economist” loudly whined: will governments retreat after making so many gifts? Oh no, they lament, they won’t… And they imply this is too much stimulus to compensate for the economic and social catastrophe the virus has wrought.[1]

Fact is 97% of US antibiotics are made under the Xi dictatorship ruling China, the world Krugman (Nobel from NYT and Princeton), plutocratic globalists  and steering media such as “The Economist” brought us. 

Notice Japan is doing well economically in spite of a tremendous debt. Notice Japan cancelled much of its debt after getting atomized

If Japan cancelled its government debt, it would act as a tax a posteriori… Arguably less of a problem than taxes in advance which destroy the economy, French style… Germany goes around the problem elegantly, with bankrupt local banks…. 

These people are not just plutocrats, and plutophiles. They are traitors, like Marie Antoinette.  

They take us for fools (right, there are many fools out there!)

They take us for a ride.

They have long got away with murder, literally. (Remember the 30+ millions not covered by health insurance in the US? That’s just the tip of the iceberg…)

They have been friends to Xi, the dictator who enriched them. Perfidiously and humiliatingly they added it was to enrich us.

We saw it all before: 1920s plutocrats used to love Hitler (oh, the US plutocrats had extended WWI just before, by going around the British-French blockade of the fascist racist Kaiser dictatorship, using the Netherlands). 

Hitler was propelled not just by German plutocrats (as a cover-up has it), but all sorts of Anglo-Saxon plutocrats, especially the Americans. They, the IBM, GM, Ford, Standard Oil, Browning, Harriman, etc. loved the racist dictator even more after they put him in power. Yes, that part of history has been forgotten. Carefully. Exhaustively. 

Facts such as the following, are not on the radar of academia, let alone the Plebs. A pawn and agent of JP Morgan, the man and his bank (number one in the world at the time!) was the banker and central banker Hjalmar Schacht. Schacht was organizer of German hyperinflation, promoter of Nazism, and economy minister of Hitler, and one of many connections between German criminal racial fascism and the US elite. Thanks to his engineering of Nazism, Schacht earned a seat at Nuremberg, and was exonerated, hence he got right back in the honored circles at the helm of world plutocracy. 


Want the truth? Famed pseudo-Democrat Obama, another pawn, augmented US inequality (through a multi-trillion dollars Quantitative Easing designed to help foremost plutocrats and their banks). Obama also decreased durably US life expectancy year after year, for the first time in history, through his carefully designed “Obamacare”, which foremost cared to increase further the profits of the health care plutocracy. 

Want the truth? A government is in place, and has organized the economy, and did so more than a century ago (under the racist president Wilson, another Democrat from Princeton who put blacks in cages, literally). 

The same Deep State which helped bring us the Kaiser, and his world war, Hitler and Stalin by pulling their ropes carefully (Lenin himself gloated about it… and he died in 1922…) 

This plutocratic economy has stealthily ruled the USA, the world’s most powerful and wealthiest country, leader of the world for more than a century. Watch the Harriman brothers, decorated by both Stalin and Hitler, pull the strings of the Democratic Party (their father was the world’s wealthiest railroad magnate, great friend of John Muir… himself a well-married man…)


Want the truth? How does the plutocratic class does this? It’s simple, we have a baby case: look at what happened to the Roman republic. Thanks to the Roman globalization, Roman plutocrats were able to elude the Roman Absolute Wealth Limit, and their power grew to the stars. Roman plutocrats organized themselves in a party, the “Optimates”, and fought the “Populares”, first by words, and finally with daggers and private armies. They took around 130 years to destroy the Roman Republic, which was partly a Direct Democracy. 130 years of outrageous lies… families such as the gens Julius of Marius and Caesar fought them in vain, until one of their own, Octavian/Caesar/Augustus, resigned himself to join and domesticate what he couldn’t beat… 

The present world governance is completely in the service of the global plutocracy… Interference by the likes of Trump or Boris Johnson (pains me to admit the latter!) threatens that power structure. Hence the rage of the media completely owned by the global hell (Pluto) which powers (kratia) over us… 

Debt, if it goes wrong, can turn into a tax (another thing the “dumb” Europeans affect not to understand, so they tax first, and then chuckle they didn’t have to increase the debt, as if tax was not more of a burden than debt… Hence Europe has progressively impoverished itself, to the satisfaction of global plutocracy. Roman plutocrats were also anxious to weaken italy, lest a revolution put an end to their power…). 

Governmental debt, in a sovereign power, is a matter of choice on the part of the government (the US is not Argentina… not yet…) The USA can afford to go completely governmental in the next six months, as long as the essential economy keeps functioning. Thanks to modern tech, the essential economy is no more than 10% of the economy. The rest can get crumbs, like the pigeons they are.


Are there precedents of switching brutally from liberal capitalism to governmentalism? Of course. Even Darius, founder of the Achaemenids dynasty, switched quickly from governmentalism to socialism, to capitalism. He needed a poney express, with appropriate roads and relays, to get news from all over his gigantic empire, from Greece to India, Ethiopia to Central Asia within a week… That was not built by entrepreneurs, but under government order… The Athenian adversaries of the Persians also built a gigantic fleet of 220. Warships, cutting the forests of Attica in the process, under an emergency government program. 

To defend freedom, one needs government! In civilization, the freedom of the individual does not extend further than the power of the government, which exists to preserve the cities. Currency is just a convenient way, instituted by the government, to enable transactions. There are other ways which are more fundamental, and the most fundamental of them all is just giving orders to the military. That’s the difference with Argentina: much more military, and fully obedient.  

Money is whatever the government decides it will be. Under the colossal empire of the Franks, those who begged to disagree, were boiled slowly in special cages. They didn’t even have the choice of water, wine or oil, either of these three liquids were used. As a result, the immense Frankish empire didn’t suffer from the hyperinflation the Late Roman empire had experienced… The value of coins was exactly what the government had decided… 

The present US government, even Nancy Antoinette, knows this. That it is the sovereign government which decides the economy, and the currency, and the debt, and the tax. And Europe doesn’t, because it’s halfway to Argentina…

Trump $6.2 TRILLION Fight Against COVID Is Economically Responsible

What would really bother the future would be to have no present. So let’s not be afraid to bother the future by saving the present!

Patrice Ayme.



P/S: The Economist of course gave atrocious advice, for We The People, in the 2008-2009 crisis… which was followed by the Obama administration:

On the fact that if the state shrinks, too much, so does the law, and how Obama followed the “Quantitative Easing“, easy money for the private banks financing his Pluto friends while rather starving the general populace:


[1] As a certified masochist, I have been a subscriber of the outrageously partisan tabloids New York Times and The Economist… and their party is global plutocracy… The NYT banned me of their comments for fifteen years…. and The Economist banned comments all together, so they can lie outrageously in peace…).


Idiots Say: “Idiocy Is Great!”

March 30, 2020

They are “young”, a fleeting notion in humans, and they scoff:”I want to go out and have fun! Why should I care that a few old folks may die?” Fun? What fun? Why at happened to the struggle against Nazism? Was not that a struggle to cancel those who wanted to help “natural selection” and kill whom they viewed as the weak? What do those “young” mean by “fun”? Is killing old people fun, then? Getting together and inebriating, namely drugging their brains out of commission? OK, I admit that if I had a brain as deranged as theirs, I would probably try to shut it down using alcohol, marihuana, opiates, glues and what not, too!

In France, one of their own, one of these “young”, described as a party girl, died from COVID 19. She was 16. In California a teen, age 14, died. In Illinois, Cook County, a ten month old infant died. A principal of a school, not even 40 years old, died in New York.

OK, easy for me to say: I was never a party girl, or a party animal. Why? Out of self-respect for my mind, which has always spurned mobs, and herd thinking (speaking of herd, how is that “herd immunity” working for you, you the COVID, Boris Johnson? Your government was idiotically promoting “herd immunity“, two weeks ago… Conclusion: COVID exploded in the UK. That it exploded in France for the same reason, weeks earlier, is not excuse…)   

So tell me, brainless youth scofflaws who think death and suffering happens only to others? “What is the difference between you and young Nazis? Young Nazis also wanted to have fun, gathering, flocking, and bellowing, all together.

The “youth” is not smart, because the “youth” has been brainwashed to admire brainless plutocrats such as muscle man Kobe Bryant… Bryant was notorious to fly all around, despising climate and people. Well, fog killed him… But he dragged children in his death. Actually I know 40 something lawyer who claimed she had the worst day in her life when Kobe died. She was crying all over Facebook. What about Kobe’s 13 year old daughter, and her friend on the same flight?

A week ago, I met a flock of twenty-somethings on top of a hill in a park. They were going up as a tight group, two dozens of them, talking loud. They were abreast of a fire road, I squeezed along them, up wind (because I am smart). One of them said aloud:”And they tell us if we cough here, they will die down there in the valley!” They all laughed. The first houses were several miles away.

Result? The Bay Area parks parking lots were ordered closed yesterday.

This is of course a fleeting moment: soon the “youth” will see the error of their ways, if they don’t already.


Want an example of scientific idiocy? Consider other scientists and media hacks trashing the research of superstar professor Didier Raoult. Here are examples:

“Raoult’s critics have pointed to problems with the protocol of his testing and worrying side effects of the drug… At least one person has already died in the US after self-medicating with a non-pharmaceutical version of the drug used for cleaning fish tanks.”

Both statements are commonly reproduced all over the same idiotic media which was trashing Trump as racist and keen to distract from impeachment, after he called a public health emergency and closed the border to China, January 31… and idiotic. The product to clean aquariums is a chemical combination with phosphate, made to kill all life. Of course, if one swallows it, one dies. The “side effects” of “the drug” are nothing. I took both drugs many times and for quite a long time, both to fight malaria and pneumonia. My mom had a heart problem, perhaps in part for using quinine, but she used it for ten years, both for malaria and another medical condition. This being said, right, quinine can attack the cardiac muscle. 

The idiocy of such comments show the hatred bias of those who proffer them. Another common barb at Raoult is that his studies are “observational”, not “double blind”. But actually Raoult had controls (2 groups outside of his 24 patients; now he has an 80 patients study out, same results). 

Unphased by the clamoring negativists full of hatred, Trump requisitioned sixteen million (16 x 10^6) doses of hydroxychloroquine from three pharmaceutical companies (March 30, 2020 press conference). Contrarily to what the rabid anti-Trumpers have been claiming, the evidence that this Raoult drug works is great (and dates more than a decade).


Idiots love idiocy. This love for idiocy is often the main reason why they’re idiots. Pointing out idiocies to idiots, who are idiots by choice and will, make them more idiotic, because they crave idiocy, and want to splurge. 

Where does this love for idiocy come from? Laziness is a big factor; thinking is hard, energetically expensive, because it’s expensive to reorganize one’s brain neural networks

Idiots don’t just find intelligence more expensive that they can afford, they hate intelligence, and that entices them to become ever more idiotic: idiots are smart enough to feel that idiocy is the greatest remedy to that intelligence they are unable to experience!

Honorable commenter Ronald Scheckelhoff observes: “I think that in some cases the mechanics of untruth are machinated by lies, but in other cases by disinterest, and in still other cases by ignorance, so it’s quite a stew of causes that’s driving the current crop of bad decisions.

Laziness is indeed an important driver of generalized stupidity. Thinking is hard, entertainment easy. That’s why people prefer to admire Kobe, a basketball player, a ethically corrupt, not so gentle man, who had his family fly in pea soup so thick police helicopters were grounded, and cars could only be driven very slowly. Ethically corrupt? He got children killed, flying in that pea soup: the helicopter couldn’t land, too much fog, it was put on a holding pattern. 

The arrogant Kobe had been well-known, for a decade, for flying all over, spitting on We The People and common sense. Several media production made fun of him that way. That was so well known, a video cartoon was produced in which Kobe crashed in his helicopter, but still had a bad attitude even after the crash, pulling his tongue out while clutching his trophies


Kobe was an ethical disaster, a model exactly of not what to follow, precisely because he was not smart. This demonstrates, not that this was necessary, that basketball stars don’t have to be smart. No elementary thinking is necessary in this activity, to be a tremendous success making the females juice up, and the teens hope they get lucky too… But then the question is why are such idiots brandished as what the youth should emulate? No wonder, then that the “youth” think it’s OK to kill everybody (else). 

Suggesting that whom, and what, one admires or is fascinated by, is an ethical problem may sound to some as far fetched. But actually the notion is not new, and was implicit in many past ethical systems (for example Judeo-Christo-Islamism).

Want a better world? 

Start with better role models to adulate, and thus, emulate. And better fields to admire, and long to contribute to. We need to understand biology better, not to refine the art of oversized specimens apt to put the ball into baskets.

Patrice Ayme

Didier Raoult’s CURE (Corona Chronicles II)

March 21, 2020

Infectious disease top world expert, professor Didier Raoult, discoverer of dozens of bacteria, an MD and PhD, leads a very large lab and institute he created in Marseilles [1]. Raoult’s findings are found in thousands of publications. Among many other things, he identified the causative agents of several diseases and discovered giant viruses… plausibly a new form of life, no less. (No doubt, if Raoult was American, or, a fortiori Swedish, he would already be a laureate of the Nobel Prize!)

When French citizens were evacuated from China by military flights, they were put under Raoult’s supervision. 

Very interesting results from France with a treatment combining hydroxychloroquine and a common antibiotic (which has an antiviral, yes, antiviral effect). That compound (and chloroquine itself) have been long known to have effects against some coronaviruses. (Trump himself promoted Raoult’s findings… enabling anti-Trump media to accuse Trump to be “non-scientific”!)

These are the first trial data. Yes this was a small trial, and it was open-label (as people are dying conducting double blind experiments is deeply unethical). However, the results are so striking, these objections can be overridden (larger scale studies have been launched in France).

Coronavirus Marseilles Raoult Work’s show that azithromycin plus hydroxychloroquine cures patients in 5 days. That probably works better, the earlier it’s applied.

26 patients were enrolled in the treatment group, with 16 controls. Six patients dropped out of the treatment group: 3 went to the ICU, one dropped out due to nausea, one left the hospital (apparently recovered?) and one died. No one left the two control groups. 15 male and 21 female patients were treated. 6 of them were asymptomatic, 22 had upper respiratory symptoms, and 8 had lower respiratory tract symptoms (all of those had confirmed COVID19 pneumonia by imaging).

The treatment group got 200mg of hydroxychloroquine sulfate three times a day. Six of those patients were also given 500mg azithromycin in addition. The antibiotic dealt with possible bacterial superinfection. Professor Raoult also uses azithromycin for its antiviral effects

There appears to be an effect of hydroxychloroquine. The effect of the hydroxychloroquine – azithromycin combination is notably stronger effect: down to zero virus as measured by nasal swab, in five (5) days.

These are two inexpensive generic drugs with a long history of use in humans. Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine both can have notable side effects, for example, cardiopathy. However, that happens only under chronic usage for cramps (that was discontinued in the USA in the 2000s, for this particular pathology). Brought up in Black Africa, I got malaria more than once, and was given longer treatments of chloroquine. The  treatment of Raoult is only a few days, and should have no adverse effects. Also, as in the case of malaria, chloroquine can be used prophylactically. 

It better work; absent a treatment, COVID19 will be a disaster equal to the “Spanish Flu” of 1918, said, correctly, the Senator head of the Intelligence Committee who admitted to have engaged on insider trading after he was privately briefed. Biden claimed that “Medicare For All, doesn’t work” in Italy. He and his well-heeded PAC and media supporters insisted M4A was the cause of the massacre there. 

However, the USA has, relative to its population, fewer ICU and critical respiratory beds than Italy. Simply, because it blocked (non-US) people coming from China on January 31, the US is delayed by ten days the contagion relative to Italy 9the EU incompetently didn’t block this travel). Expect thousands of Americans to die. And don’t expect the disease to threaten less when it’s warmer: SARS-CoV-2 is progressing in tropical areas… Just as SARS-CoV did.  

Patrice Ayme



Didier Raoult (born March 13, 1952) is a French biologist. He holds MD and Ph.D. degrees and specializes in infectious diseases. In 1984, Didier Raoult created the Rickettsia Unit at Aix-Marseille University (AMU). He also teaches infectious diseases in the Faculty of Medicine of Aix-Marseille University, and since 1982 has supervised many M.D. and Ph.D. degrees.[1]

Raoult is a world reference for Q fever and Whipple’s disease.[11] 

Since 2008, Raoult has been the director of “URMITE” i.e. the Research Unit in Infectious and Tropical Emergent Diseases, collaborating with CNRS (National Center for the Scientific Research), IRD (Research for the Development Institute), INSERM (National Institute of Health and Medical Research) and the Aix Marseille University, in Marseille. His laboratory employs more than 200 people, including 86 very active researchers who publish between 250 and 350 papers per year and have produced more than 50 patents.[2] Didier Raoult is also involved in the creation of 8 startups to date.

Giant Viruses:

Raoult’s team was the first to discover very large size viruses.

In 2003, Didier Raoult identified with Bernard La Scola a giant amoebic virus, mimivirus,[16] and in 2004 established its genome.[17]

In 2016, this team found in mimivirus a defense mechanism preventing the implantation of virophages in the virus plant (MIMIVIRE).[18] Finally, it has been shown that this virophage could be integrated into the cells in the form of a pro-virophage and that it could be associated with transposon-like structures called transpovirons.[19]

They also discovered Marseilleviruses[20] and Faustoviruses.[21]

The discovery of giant viruses seriously undermines the classification of viruses. Didier Raoult has several times reported that giant viruses are of a different nature than other viruses and that they constitute a 4th branch of microbes known as TRUC for “Things Resisting Uncompleted Classifications”

New bacteria:

Since the 1990s, Raoult and his team have identified and described approximately 96 new pathogenic bacteria[9] and showed their implication in human pathologies. Two bacteria have been named for him: Raoultella planticola and Rickettsia raoultii.


[2] ““With all due respect to Medicare for all, you have a single-payer system in Italy,” Biden said to Sanders. It doesn’t work there. It has nothing to do with Medicare for all.


[This is the Tenth essay of mine on COVID19. The epidemic is rich in philosophical themes, and first of all, our degenerated civilization, and the need to reevaluate all its values!]

Corona Chronicle: 11% Death Rate Or 1%? Yes And No.

March 20, 2020

How to reconcile the observed 10%+ death rate observed, and which I have brandished, and what scientists have told us is going on: 1% death rate? It’s clear where I got the number: 



Cases which had an outcome:

90,942 (89%)

Recovered / Discharged

11,369 (11%)


These are the graph, in logarithmic form: a doubling means multiplied by ten. One can see strikingly the incompetency of European Leaders. They led so well, they should be led to prison, next.

Now of course very honorable, greatly decorated, well respected, and highly paid scientists have interest to say what pleases their overlords: overlords are more pleased by a 1% death rate than an 11% death rate. But still established establishment scientists should have a sort of reasoning, aside from the self-recognized greatness of their splendor, no? 

They do!

What they do is look at ONE “International Conveyance”, the “Diamond Princess”, anchored at Yokohama, the enormous port immediately south of Tokyo, for a month or so. The Diamond Princess had 712 COVID 19 cases… and 8 (eight) deaths. They forget to tell you (or themselves!) that there are still 14 critical cases (one critical just died today). Also all and any cases were detected, including the mild cases. But, more crucially, the Diamond Princess passengers got treated by one of the very best healthcare systems in the world, Japan’s, in a situation where that system could fully bear all its power on 712 cases. In other words, Japan was not overwhelmed: it has a total of 913 cases (aside from the 712 from the DP), giving it a rate of eight cases per million. By comparison, Italy has a rate of 778 cases per million, and is completely overwhelmed, with 727 deaths in the last 24 hours period.  

What is happening in Italy, as what happened for a while in Wuhan, is that the medical system stop functioning when too many doctors fall sick (more than 2,000 in Hubei… But China could draw on resources from the rest of China: Hubei, 60 million, is not even 5% of China…

So an 11% death rate from COVID19/SARS2 is what one gets, when healthcare systems get overwhelmed. And no, sad clown Pluto Biden, it doesn’t have to do, as you explicitly pretended, with the fact China and Italy have “Medicare For All”.  

In one week, from one flu patient, without confinement, one gets, on average, 9 contaminations. With SARS2/COVID19: 45 contaminations. So the SARS2 exponential grows much faster. The only safe method to block the pandemic is to duplicate what China did, in particular in Hubei: total confinement, except for essential services.

The head of healthcare in Wuhan, the city of eleven million inhabitants at the core of the epidemic went to Milan, Italy, to provide advice (I think his predecessor died). He said confinement in Italy was insufficient; he was shocked to see public transportations still operating.

In South Korea, hyper testing was accompanied by giving the detail of each death. A phone app enables citizens to track the displacement of quarantined individuals in their neighborhood… thus enforcing the quarantine, and avoiding “superspreaders”Under current guidelines from the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, anyone who has come into contact with a confirmed coronavirus carrier is subject to a mandatory two-week self-quarantine. “Contact” is defined as having been within two meters of a confirmed carrier, or having been in the same room where a confirmed patient has coughed.  

I warned that the pandemic, should one do nothing, maybe in the hundreds of millions. Of course, something will, and is being done, very strongly now, by many governments. 

Good. But precious time, and probably dozens of thousands of deaths, could have been prevented, had one used the wisdom of the past… For example in 2003, when Toronto tracked right away 30,000 potential carriers of SARS. 

This pandemic was rendered possible by criminally negligent power brokers, or so-called “leaders”, many of them anxious to sell their stocks while pretending SARS was just a cold. For a while, France and Great Britain, among others, decided to opt for a “herd immunity” strategy, showing that, deep down inside, Johnson and Macron should be prosecuted, just as Pericles was. That was out of sheer ignorance of the property of this virus. Surely the responsible authorities should go to prison for a very long time, no?

Patrice Ayme

Coronavirus, Or When European Lack Of Democracy Kills From Sheer Idiocy

March 16, 2020

The way local democracy manages government better is illustrated by comparing the US response to the virus with the European response at face value. However, the US Federal Government also behaved better. Those smarts, per se, are actually a consequence of its constant competition, Armageddon in mind, of the central government with said local governments. The comparison of the US with the EU and Switzerland are illuminative. The more war like mentality of the USA, plus its stronger local democracy, should give a much better outcome to the coronavirus pandemic in the US than in Europe. Yes, I know, here resurfaces the Jihad/War like effort, so unpalatable to the sheep. But even Macron, French president, criticized below, just said it was war…

Anyway, let me explain how local democracy comes into play. Before I go into a fuller picture, let me point out that local governments have huge local powers in the USA: To battle the virus, 6 California Counties ORDERED everyone to stay home. On Monday, six counties around Silicon Valley announced residents should not go out for three weeks except to meet “essential needs.” Across California, as the coronavirus marches through communities, life as everyone understands it in the Golden State is changing dramatically, hour by hour, minute by minute.

The state has begun enacting extreme measures to halt the coronavirus outbreak. On Monday, six counties around Silicon Valley, one of the hardest-hit areas in the nation, announced a shelter-at-home order that begins Monday March 16 at midnight. Mayor Sam Liccardo of San Jose said that was the strongest directive yet in the United States. Residents, including those living in San Francisco, were told not to go out for three weeks except to meet “essential needs.” Going to a park in a car is forbidden*.

[*That policy seems to have been rescinded after this essay was published, as “exercising” seems to have been redefined as “essential”… The Bay Area is surrounded and penetrated by massive parks, including a national park, all of them full of giant sequoias, coyotes, deer, elks, mountain lions, even condors…]

On January 22, 2020, the Chinese government, having realized that the COVID 19/SARS 2 epidemic was out of control, decided to crush the contagion with confinement of all of Hubei. On January 31, Trump blocked all incoming travel from China (except returning US Residents & relatives; effective February 2). What did the Europeans do? Nothing. Everybody welcome. The first Coronavirus death in France was a visiting Chinese tourist. What did the French government think about that? Nothing. 

You see people who are in power are not in power so that the best be done. They are in power because power, auctoritas as the Romans said, is all what matters to them. Assuming power is all about compromise. This is why Sanders didn’t press Biden much about the Iraq War: a deal was made (so that a war criminal can run for the presidency, as long as Sanders’ issues are given lip service). Power onto other people is intrinsically unfair, so those profiting from this unfair advantage are always compromising with each other. 

On the day of maximum death in China, February 12, 254 patients died from COVID 19. On March 15, 2020, Spain had more deaths than that, and the next day the death toll climbed to 309. A week prior, lunatics in the Spanish government had claimed they didn’t need to prevent crowds. Italy got 368 deaths on March 15, 349 the next day (is confinement finally working?) On March 16, Europe, by then the core of the pandemic, started to talk about blocking entry to the EU… That’s 6 weeks after Trump… Supposedly an idiot according to most pseudo-intellectuals and Europeans with intellectual pretense. If Trump is an idiot, what are European leaders?  

This virus is contagious even when victims are asymptomatic. And some asymptomatic individuals are extremely contagious. Moreover, it is known from Chinese studies that recovered patients can still shed viruses… for weeks. In a case in Singapore, a Diamond Princess patient, who had fully recovered in Japan, and who tested negative several times, flew back. After several days, he complained of chest pains, and was put in a cardiac unit, as he had cardiac problems. After several days of aggravated conditions, he was re-tested for COVID19… and came out positive! (Pandemonium in the hospital resulted as many were exposed, from healthcare professionals to other patients.) Here is the EXPONENTIAL AT WORK:

Exponentials galore: The speed of increase of the number of viruses vectors grows proportionally to the number of virus vectors, multiplied by 3 or 4…

Why European mishandling of COVID 19? Little kinglets, like Macron or Johnson, who never studied exponentials, the most important function in modern mathematics, seriously… decide the fate of entire nations. Who should decide instead? A healthy debate, no holds barred!The fact is those two clowns are just nothing: yes, they can get themselves elected, but somebody would have been elected anyway. Even idiots such as Hitler and Mussolini got elected. Johnson was a newspaper hack and Macron a finance inspector turned plutocratic enabler in bank Rothschild (famous for financing wars around 1800, among other similar activities… and crowing about it). Make no mistake: Johnson and Macron, like Obama are superficially intelligent, it’s all the art they learned to master (Trump made a point not to bother, so he looks authentic).

If there had been a debate about COVID19, a really harsh debate, the obvious conclusion would have been that one to do exactly what China did. In particular, China blocked travel out of Hubei… And Trump duplicated this. European monkeys in charge, didn’t. 

What is at work here is the “Democratic Index”, roughly the quotient of (Number of Independent Leaders)/(Population). In France, or Britain, one guy is in charge. In the USA, the president has limited powers, local governors, quite a bit. For example, the California governor ordered ski resorts closed (same day as France, much more affected by the virus, did).

California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Sunday announcement effectively shutting down bars, nightclubs, wineries and breweries in the state and cutting restaurant occupancy by half, caught local businesses off-guard. The state’s restaurant industry normally serves about 10 million meals per day…  

New York, New Jersey and Connecticut governors, all “Democrats” forced the closure of restaurants, bars and cinemas… followed within minutes, belatedly, by Washington State (2% of US population, 20% of the cases, as the governor pointed out). 

US local democracy means local empowerment. For example, on March 13, Santa Clara County authorities ordered no more gathering of 35 people (except where absolutely necessary, like airports or hospitals). Yes, just a County. Right it’s two million people and also known as “Silicon Valley”. The decision was taken under advice of the medical authorities of the County. The USA has 3142 Counties (Charlemagne set-up 300 counties throughout Europe).  

All African countries, fully conscious of the fast exponential nature of the epidemic, are barricading themselves (the first cases there were imported from Europe… not China). It is a message of hope to see the Africans being smarter and more civilized than the ex-colonial masters…

Local Democracy at work in US cities and counties: compare with Europe, which had, and has, to wait until heads of central governments take the same decision… two weeks too late!

London Breed, 45th Mayor, San Francisco:

“Effective at midnight, San Francisco will require people to stay home except for essential needs. Necessary government functions & essential stores will remain open. These steps are based on the advice of public health experts to slow the spread of #COVID19.”

All this local democracy puts various potentates in competition with each other. Two years back, the mayor of Oakland (another woman) warned illegal immigrants (some of whom no doubt should be legal residents) of impending raids ordered by the Trump administration. That made Trump quite angry, and noises were made of taking legal action against the mayor… But nothing came of it. Hundreds of cities, so-called sanctuary cities, disobey the Federal government about immigration law. All this competition among US potentates, Federal against Local, States against Federal, or corporations, etc. force all the potentates to be smarter than they otherwise would be. 

Skeptics could point out to Switzerland, which has been doing poorly in the epidemic… Although Cantons took measures, they took them too slowly, and the Swiss Federal government was even slower. How come? First, the Cantons led: that’s the local democracy effect. Why so slow? Because it’s a war. Switzerland is not war-minded, the USA, just like China, is.  The lack of bellicose spirit also reflect the slow European defense in general. Just as Europe has been desperately slow waking up to Fundamental Islam, so it was under attack by SARS 2…

This local US governance also reflects the way the Roman empire was governed: the all-powerful Roman central (=federal) government, mostly commanded the army… Local governance by cities and their elected officials did the rest (it was not a perfect system, and it was too money dependent… hence the “Curiales” crisis of the Late Empire, when no one could afford to be a local official…)

Coronavirus will force a healthy readjustment of all values. No doubt, because of more intelligent leadership, the US will do better than Europe. 

Local democracy, and there is no other, is not just a higher, or wiser, way of life. It’s also the best way to survive better. 

Patrice Ayme



P/S: Practically, serious containment should work, as it did in China… Within three (3) weeks or so, depending how effective containment is made to be at starving the virus of new bodies, the curve of cases should reach a maximum… Two and a half weeks seems to be the average time from getting the virus (typically from an asymptomatic subject) to getting a confirmed diagnostic…. It seems that Hubei went into severe lockdown when it had around real 2,000 people carrying the virus.. And still the number of patients there went up to 70,000… More exactly, by January 23, lockdowns had started in 6 Hubei cities, including Wuhan. By then the total number of SARS 2 was no more than 500, worldwide. Still, by February 12, Hubei had around 70,000 cases…


P/S: I met an old foggy who was hysterical about what he called the Coronavirus hysteria and compared it to the Y2K hoax (when computers were supposed to stop in 2000 CE). Then he insisted the flu kills 80,000 in the USA. What the deluded gentleman didn’t understand is that SARS 2 is more contagious than the flu, and creates much more critical cases. In an overwhelmed healthcare systems, those cases will convert into deaths. Another point: of four other known Coronaviruses which cause colds in humans, the immunity doesn’t seem to work as well as with flu (see the case above in Singapore when a thoroughly cured patient relapsed… And cured patients keep on releasing viruses…)



February 26, 2020

It’s never optimal for a society when a small oligarchy is in command, monopolizing power and knowledge. Arguably, it’s even diabolical, and it’s exactly what “plutocracy” means.
Arguably, monopolizing power and knowledge is even diabolical. This is exactly what the concept of “plutocracy” means. Being ruled by such oligarchies is tightly connected to civilization, which provides with the power, and the Dark Side, the evil, self-inflicted divinity, which has always, counterintuitively, keeps humanity in check.

As the world is now a village, a village with many ways and weapons of mass destruction, any subdistrict of the village living under dictatorship is bad for the rest of the village. Evil and incompetence can’t be isolated. Anymore.

A recent example? The Chinese dictatorship delayed the alert on the danger of the coronavirus COVID 19 by at least one month relative to what would have happened if the pandemic had started in an advanced democracy… And Chinese dictatorship employees actively suppressed whistleblowers with advanced medical knowledge, who tried to alert authorities and public about the danger. This certainly caused the death of thousands and impacted severely the world’s economy (causing in turn more death and destruction!)

To defeat the enemy, one has to know the enemy. And a world without enemies can’t exist, because our opportunity creates them, whether we like it, or not.

Ignorance comes from not knowing facts. In the most acute form, ignorance crystallizes itself by clinging to dogma: a rigid set of beliefs is supposed the know-all, be-all, can-all. This is what happens with any tribalism or religion, even when the religion is the cult of a leader… such as Stalin, or Xi… Or G W. Bush, invading Iraq.

Ignorance is never safe. Secrecy can rarely be justified on the part of those entrusted with power. Generally secrecy fosters the grip of those in power helping them to keep their power… And sometimes those who love power so much will do anything not just to keep that power, but to exact vengeance on all others alive, in the name of their reduced fate, should their power wane (Hitler’s obstinacy to kill as many as he could as long as he could is a striking example of such madness).

We are now a world village. Such a village has been increasing enforced since 1945, thanks to the United Nations and its enforcers. We want to keep it that way. Increasing democracy, by sharing knowledge and power is how to do so.

Our primary objective should be to make the world safer and better for all, and that requires debating well, to find better solutions. And debating optimally requires optimal information. Also debating everybody with everybody gives their chance to the most unexpected ideas, the more people take part in it. This capability, getting ideas from all over, to enrich debates maximally is the deepest, most fundamental reason for democracy. The more democracy, the more a people is forced to learn to think by itself, including forced to learn how one suspects, and gathers the most important facts. Once again, it’s not just a matter of choice, national preference, but of safety of spaceship Earth we all live on.

Patrice Ayme


February 25, 2020

Plutocracy can kill children, massively:

I was reading a (fictionalized) round-up of Jewish children in France during World War Two; the SS ordering, and forcing the French police to raid orphanages of mostly foreign, mostly Jewish children. I know the subject all too well. It’s one of the rare subjects I find hard to read about (my family really saved real Jewish children, and I heard the stories as a child). 

This has of course everything to do with evil-rule, pluto-kratia: Germany was ruled by evil and the problem was the German soul, which tolerated this all too much. 

I am not trying to compare China to Nazi Germany… and I am not even advocating that China would not be ruled by the Communist Party… simply real free elections and free media should exist there (but neither really exist in the West, in full, especially the media, as Trump Derangement Syndrome amply proved). 

However, a fact remains: Nazism was a form of plutocracy, and it was rendered possible by global, mostly US based plutocracy (and yes, FDR was on it, whether he admitted it to himself or not!) Another fact, even more important is that the leverage of evil at our disposal now is much greater than in 1933… Right, the progress we have now is that the good guys, namely the good dominant cultures of 1945 and their military arms, are in control of the planet now, through the UN Security Council…

It’s nevertheless extremely important to understand that plutocracy has absolutely no limits: the bottom line is that it rests on the instinct which views the solution of all the world’s problem in the annihilation of the human race. Nazism is a perfect illustration of this. Those who didn’t understand this, didn’t understand Nazism… or plutocracy, pushed to its limit: global, deliberate, most cruel death, defined as the very essence of divinity. Yes, the definition of criminal insanity.And how humanity got it done (to use Bloomberg’s revealing slogan) [1].


This is a small part of the Bronze Age Collapse events. For example, we know from Egyptian sources that the “Sea People” invasions came from the Mediterranean islands (Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, etc.), but also from the Black Sea (they had conspired said Pharaoh Ramses III). A tremendous drought preceded, to the point the Hiites asked Egypt, earlier their main enemy, for grain shipments… an early example of international, global aid… We have the letters… Egypt helped. But then the Sea People invaded and destroyed everything. Egypt barely stopped them. The etruscans first invaded Syria, before navigating en masse to where the Iron was, between Elba and Tuscany… Centuries before the village known as Rome was created…The Bronze Age collapse seems to have been propelled by natural disasters (we are working hard on the greatest “natural” disaster in 66 million years right now)… Followed opportunistically by massive war fruit of a Nazi-like conspiracy (which mostly worked, 32 centuries ago!) What do I mean? When the Hittite empire got extremely weakened by drought, it could be militarily destroyed by the “Sea People” conspiracy (I didn’t make up those words and concept, Pharaoh did, 32 centuries ago…)

When Globalization Serves Plutocracy First, It’s Real Bad:

The rise of China served China, but would not have happened, without serving the West’s plutocrats. To some extent, the entire “West” (including Japan, Taiwan) did with China what the US plutocracy did with Germany after World War One. 

Just as Germany, and especially Nazi Germany, was a dream boat for US plutocracy, a wild east where everything was permitted, as long as one pleased the dictatorship, so was China a dreamboat for global Western plutocracy.

The USA Deep State and Deep Political Culture was hell bent to create a world empire, and part of that hell was the hellish USSR, or hellish Germany, 1914-1945. At least, so I claim. The Harriman brothers, hereditary plutocrats who led the “Democratic” Party by the nose for decades, got maximally decorated by both Hitler and Stalin (the latter for developing the crucial Caucasian and Baku oil fields…)


Coronavirus is a ‘game changer’ for seeing the truth about the sort of globalisation we have been suffering from: 

The French economy and finance minister so declared. The new coronavirus is a “game changer” that will require a rethink in global supply networks, especially for health and medicine, he said.

The coronavirus epidemic is a game changer for globalisation,” Bruno Le Maire said during a visit to Athens, noting that the outbreak has highlighted an “irresponsible and unreasonable” reliance on China. “We cannot continue to rely on China for 80 to 85 percent of pharmaceutical active ingredients“… Lemaire said, pointing out what I viewed as obvious for two decades…


Good Globalization was crucial to the rise of civilization:

A casual look at the world shows that civilization was centered on centers of trade, and especially the Middle Earth, where the two largest continents collide, and the “Central State” (China). Those two areas have also traded, not just goods but also people for four millennia as civilizations… West Eurasian mummies were found in Western China, and they carried civilizational elements (horses, metallurgy, jade tech). More deeply, even, way back, when Denisovans were running the show, more than 50,000 years ago, they were found from Spain to east of the Wallace line (Australia).

Clearly globalization is very old, much older than civilization itself. It is not different from long range trade. There is evidence of the latter before even the Neolithic in Australia. Different parts of the world had different resources, and those could only be traded. Thus globalization was more important for prehistoric people than for modern people: if one didn’t live in a region with obsidian, flint, or even stones, one had to trade them. 


Globalization can collapse in mayhem:

The usual civilizational mayhem to roll out is the collapse of the Roman State, under the invasions from Germans, Huns, Muslims… But there was another collapse, roughly two millenia prior… In the same area. 

The Bronze Age Middle Earth civilization was a globally trading world… it collapsed suddenly around 32 centuries ago (from a number of simultaneous factors: drought, quakes, and a vast conspiracy by the “People of the Sea”, bringing devastating wars of invasion…)

It is never nice when nations move over and replace others: examples are legions, the Sea People invasion the first historical case of wholesale replacement…

The formation of world-empires by European nations came in several shades of sadistic grey: from nearly innocent white in the formation of French colonies such as Canada, India and in Africa, to the darkest black with the conquest of Congo by the Belgian King. The conquest of Central and South America by Spain was a strange mix of deliberate massacres and unvoluntary holocaust. The re-invention of slavery, or quasi-slavery by European colonists (     

Or was it when the USA stealthily took control of Germany after World War One? More like the latter case.

When did globalization start then? Was it when Phoenicia founded Carthage, nearly 3,000 years ago, or later when Carthage imported fish from Senegal? Or when Athens became dependent of the Black Sea shores for her wheat? Was it when Rome imported silk from China? Was it when Europe created gigantic empires overseas? Or was it when refrigeration was invented and ships could bring frozen mutton to Britain from Australia and New Zealand? Or was it when the French government taught the USA how to mass produce the 75mm gun France depended upon in World War One? (France’s resources were overstretched). 

When globalization started is not the most significant question: it had to be as old as humanity. The most significant question is when does globalization turn perverse? As when the Mongols submitted Russia, or annihilated Baghdad, with the help of their Christian allies


Dependency On China Makes Much Evil Sense… for Global Plutocrats:

Aside from blatant dictatorship, nowadays China doesn’t have anything the “West” doesn’t have… Indeed, Constantinople learned to make silk in the Sixth Century. Other Chinese inventions had equivalents in the West (as for porcelain), or were quickly duplicated and improved (gunpowder, deep drilling for gas). All the other things China has now (such as “rare” earths) are mostly due to Western laziness.

Globalization made sense for China, as China became the world’s factory, thus creating a dependency similar to that of a drug trafficker to drug addict. Globalization made sense for plutocrats, as it enabled them to escape the world’s most advanced taxation and legislation, ensuring huge profits for all plutocrats.

So now we are in a situation where much of drugs and equipment to fight a pandemic made in China are made in China. How smart was that? Not smart, but following the orders of crafty plutocrats owning all media, thus all hearts and minds of the bleating sheep.

Want more stupid attitudes which the future will contradict? What about predicting only a two meter sea rise by 2100? With a rise of temperatures of ten degrees Centigrade in Antarctica?

The planet is one global spaceship. North Korea closed its border to… its sponsor, China. Iran got infected, and because of Shiite holy tourism, spread the disease around, although, in theory, Iran was pretty much isolated… If it’s one global spaceship, it means the global plutocracy is a global problem. Global plutocracy weaponized China… to the point the global health response to global disease is globally impaired. 

It’s high time to weaponize democracy against plutocracy.[2]

Patrice Ayme



[1] This is one of my master ideas… Not to say common obsession…


[2] Hyper Pluto mastermind Bloomberg spent already half a billion dollars, inventing in the process would-be quotes from Sanders praising dictators… But financial plutocracy is the dictatorship, and Bloomberg its pope!

However, so much mentally impaired by the media and its Trump Derangement Syndrome, many “Democrats” view Bloomberg favorably, and the more he spends feeding their addiction, the more they like him!

Dictatorship Endangers World: Proof By Coronavirus!

February 9, 2020

Xi and his dictatorship should resign: they are fatally dangerous to the world, not just their kingdom, and not just this virus. They are the virus. Clearly the police and secret state Xi built has contributed directly to the mayhem in Hubei, now extending worldwide.

Xi’s dictatorship stealthily rose, and now steers China, as if increasingly again under Mao’s dictatorship. But Mao had excuses (such as fascist Japan’s invasion of China), which Xi doesn’t have. We have seen that debate before: when the Roman Republic vacillated under corruption, sole Consul Pompeius Magnus made bribes unlawful, retroactively, over twenty years. At the time many advocated that the Republic should be ruled by just one man (as happened soon after). However, once again, Xi doesn’t have that excuse. His knowledge of the COVID19 epidemic without telling the public about it is revealing. What other doomsday machine does Xi have up his sleeve?

The first known case was December First 2019. Xi now claims he gave a (secret) talk about the virus January 7. Right. Tell me, Xi, how did that help, that secrecy? How are people supposed to take precautions against catching the disease, or transmitting it, when only Xi and his accomplices know about it?

As I explained, in the case of the very society which invented the concept of Open Society, a closed society fosters illness. In an open society, this cases in early December could have led to nipping the epidemic in the bud… Instead, lying about the existence of the epidemic became a state mission in the next 6 weeks. Those not cooperating were punished. Apparently individuals reporting dismal conditions in Hubei healthcare are Xi-disappeared.

Pluto-cracy, Pluto-kratia = Evil-Rule! Xi is very self-satisfied, as all dictators are: it comes with the job, be it only to persuade the slaves that all is best in the best possible world. He got the job from his father’s position. Such individuals, steeped in prerogative and crime, are the world’s ultimate danger.

Xi said: “Our progress will not be halted by any storms and tempests.” yes, but a pandemic could stop you, dictator. Pericles was judged in Athens, 2,450 years ago, for his mishandling of Athenian society, forcing people to live in a way which caused a devastating epidemic (during a war Pericles partly instigated).

Xi’s father, Xi Zhongxun (15 October 1913 – 24 May 2002) was a Chinese communist revolutionary and a subsequent political official in the People’s Republic of China. He belongs the first generation of Chinese leadership.

So here we just don’t have a dictatorship a la Hitler, or Mussolini, but an hereditary fiefdom. A most traditional, most obdurate form of plutocracy.

Xi’s model of government, where one brain decides of all, as if it were an emperor from 2,000 years ago, is thoroughly obsolete: it condemns China to be led by one tiny nervous system instead of a great collective mind. Dictatorship of one, advocated by Marx, is fundamentally the antithesis of collectivism, ironically enough. Come to think of it, Marx, irritated by the lost of value of his wealthy father’s vineyard, was formed, as Jew, under the Prussian dictatorship. Dictatorship, he was told when very young, was the way to get things done. If things to be done consist into oppressing most people, dictatorship is perfect. If things to be done imply progress of the mind, then Direct Democracy is the way to go, direct observation of Athens, or of the Roman Republic, or the English republic-in-disguise, and of the French and US republics, and basic logic, show. 

Although the 1982 constitution guarantees freedom of speech, the Chinese government often uses the “subversion of state power” and “protection of state secrets” clauses in their law system to imprison those who criticize the government.

This total dictator Xi is now hiding from the Coronavirus pandemic, and behind his Prime Minister, Li, which his own practice of the state caused. Xi views the state as a conduit to his power, instead of an intelligent, all-knowing substrate for an all empowered society. That state fascism has proven a danger to the entire world. Out!

And this is a world lesson: we need information, to feed our meditation, thus the Direct Democracy which requires it. Hence freedom of information is another motivation for Direct Democracy! The West showed the way of Marxist dictatorship which China revendicates. The West should raise the bar by going to Direct Democracy. THAT would be coming back full throttle to humanity as it evolved, that is, as it is meant to be.

Patrice Ayme



P/S 1: This is a follow up, and pretty much iteration of the more detailed essay:


P/S 2: See New York Times: “Her Grandmother Got the Coronavirus. Then So Did the Whole Family.
What kind of government is this? asks a family of three generations sickened by the new virus and desperate for care in Wuhan, the Chinese city at the center of the outbreak.”

A Closed Society (China) is More Open To PANDEMICS (Coronavirus)

February 2, 2020


The Wuhan coronavirus spreading from China is now a pandemic that circles the globe. The prospect is daunting. A pandemic will have global consequences, despite the extraordinary travel restrictions and quarantines now imposed by many countries.

Science does not yet know how lethal the new coronavirus is. However, I can compute: we have less than 15,000 official cases and more than 300 dead so it seems the death rate is at least 3% (on the face of it that would be 5%). That means if one billion people get infected, 30 million will die. 

To these preliminary considerations, several caveats: first, out of the 15,000 infected, much more than 300 will die: the virus is known to kill patients who were improving for days in hospital beds. Second, and on a more positive note, information is exchanged between doctors, and methods to mitigate the effects of viral pneumonia are no doubt found. Even more important, the governments in the leadership of the world, the so-called “West”, governments are highly organized and have huge means: the USA has installed its first quarantine in 50 years, and uses large military bases to isolate potentially infected people.     

The Wuhan coronavirus is spreading more like influenza, which is highly transmissible, than like its slow-moving very lethal coronavirus cousins, SARS and MERS. [1]

How did we get there? It’s not just about markets mixing humans, live bats and live snakes, all infecting each other in a weird bat-snake-human ecology.

It’s also about China being huge, way too closed, and thus, too stupid for its own size. 


China is not an Open Society. The concept of Open Society was originated by Aspasia, a philosopher married to Athenian general and politician Pericles, who famously declared, quoting his famous funeral oration as reported by Thucydides:

“Our political system does not compete with with institutions which are elsewhere in force. We do not copy our neighbors, but try to be an example. Our administration favors the many instead of the few: this is why it is called a democracy. The laws afford equal justice to all alike in their private disputes, but we do not ignore the claims of excellence. When a citizen distinguishes himself, then he will be called to serve the state, in preference to others, not as a matter of privilege, but as a reward of merit; and poverty is no bar.

… The freedom we enjoy extends also to ordinary life; we are not suspicious of one another, and we do not nag our neighbor if he chooses to go his own way. … But this freedom does not make us lawless. We are taught to respect the magistrates and the laws, and never to forget that we must protect the injured. And we are also taught to observe those unwritten laws whose sanction lies only in the universal feeling of what is right….

Our city is thrown open to the world… We are free to live exactly as we please, and yet, we are always ready to face any danger…. We consider a man who takes no interest in the state not as harmless, but as useless; and although only a few may originate a policy, we are all able to judge it. We do not look upon discussion as a stumbling block in the way of political action, but as an indispensable preliminary to acting wisely.”

Debate is crucial to advancing understanding. Debating with oneself is indispensable, but debating with others enables debating with others enables one to go where none thought of, and thus to advance understanding. 

Beautiful words, yet, disastrously, Pericles didn’t act accordingly to them! Just the opposite. 

Chinese Dictatorship Politicians with advanced specialized N95 masks (which stop the virus particles which are 10^7 meter across, so 5 billionth of a meter bigger than the meshes in these N95)… Whereas the doctors welcoming them have pitiful masks which can’t do that. Best masks out there stop at 300 billionths of a meter, 3 times too big to stop the 2019 Coronavirus, Some chinese doctors had to make masks out of garbage bags, due to penury.

Instead in a dictatorship, few decide; the brain power is if not minute, drastically reduced. Actually it’s the multi-debating aspect of Western Europe which enabled most of the advancement of civilization in the last millennium. China, which used to be very advanced scientifically and technologically missed the debating aspect, motivated by mighty intellectual passions. Lack of fierce debate, independently of social hierarchy, is the main missing link of Confucius philosophy, which views the respect of one’s “station” in life, the most important feature of society. Hence Confucius is most compatible with Xi’s regime.

Let alone that Xi got his job in part from his parents’ station in life… 

Whereas intellectual debate and its descendants, in particular scientific, medical and technological advancement, are the exact opposite: they respect only truth, and, more generally, the search thereof. To equal the West, China will have to accept to see truths, and love thereof, be hurled around. 

Tribalists come to me and they whine; if you are not blue, you have got to be red. Their simplicity is hurt, their minds are reeling, they are looking for something to color their bland lives. Well, children, I am campaigning for the truth. Not for a particular potentate to satisfy his or her greed for power.



On a great historical scale, one is struck by the fact the Roman State was wrecked by pandemics in the Second Century, The Third, and the Sixth. The first pandemic, during Marcus Aurelius’ reign, weakened the empire considerably. It’s not clear what happened. Clearly the army was struck as Marcus died. The lack of information is, by itself, an indictment: an Open Society would have debated and found ways to fight the epidemic. Instead, the tyrannical empire behaved as if the disastrous pandemics were no more than bad air not worth commenting upon. (By comparison, we know of the authorities in London abating pollution from coal burning already in the Fourteenth Century.)

We have more information from democracies than from the wretched Roman dictatorship. At the onset of the Thirty Years Peloponnesian war, a (highly) predictable pandemic (typhus?) hit Athens. All the population of the Attica peninsula was within the walls, thus very crowded, while armored Spartans roamed outside, destroying the land. Pericles ordered the Athenian fleet to sail to go attack the other side of the Peloponnese. Unsurprisingly, the pandemic exploded in the hyper crowded ships. The expedition became a disaster.

Pericles was recalled and tried for this, under the accusation that everybody knew crowding would make the epidemic terrible. Thus Athens was an open society, but not so open as to be able to avoid such an obvious blunder (much of the population died)… Pericles admitted he “had anticipated everything, but not not this”. Maybe if there had been more of a debate, when planning for war with Sparta, the pandemic could have been anticipated. 

Interestingly, when the dictator Napoleon attacked Russia, a similar situation developed. Apparently the Grande Armee suffered from typhus. In a democracy, the situation would have been revealed, and debated. The obvious solution was to take measures to stop the epidemic, and put off the assault against the Czar to another year. Instead, the dictator kept everything secret, and the idealistic young soldiers from Poland, Germany and other countries, in close quarters, infected each other. So efficient was the dictator that the scandal was kept secret for two centuries (archeology revealed the contaminated corpses recently). Napoleon thus undermined the spreading of revolution to Russia, and enabled the likes of old enslaving aristocrats such as Tolstoy to gloat.

If Rome had been a democratic state in the Second Century, perhaps it would have been able to mitigate considerably the pandemics which weakened it so much. 

During the terrible plague of 1348 CE, not one European aristocrat seems to have died: the nobles knew what was coming and took efficient counter-measures. However around half of the population, often ignorantly crowded praying in churches, died. So obscurantism doesn’t help.



In the case of the present Coronavirus, some authorities loudly proclaimed the virus could not be transmitted from human to human, when doctors already knew with certainty that was a lie. So no timely measures were taken in Wuhan, a city of eleven million. 

We are all sharing a small planet, our common spaceship. No country owns the spaceship. No country can endanger the spaceship. Obscurantism and closed societies, anywhere, endanger us all. It was telling that Russia, Mongolia, Vietnam and even North Korea closed their borders to China: when they got informed, they acted as Open Societies should have. More generally, increasing more cooperation, by making the world more of an Open Society will enable to decrease suspicion, hence military spending, and thus augment spending on science, and in particular biology, medicine.

They said “Climate Change”. We said: WORLD CATASTROPHE. They scoffed. Now they are going to sneeze. They will sneeze because the world’s ecology has been all open, and kicked around to new possibilities, while the old biosphere dies. The intellectual climate needs to change and warm up. The time for imagination and passion has come.

The Open Society is not just a choice anymore, it’s a duty. A world duty. Not just a world moral duty, a world survival duty. China can’t ship out, so it will have to change. And not just China. As in China, throughout the West politicians and potentates have confiscated decision power. Debate needs to grab it back.

Wars used to be made about territory. It’s time to have one about fostering the proper open attitude.

Patrice Ayme



[1] Together SARS and MERS caused less than 11,000 official cases. Their lethality rates were 10% (SARS) and 33% (MERS). The 1918 “Spanish flu” killed only about 2.5 percent of its victims — but because it infected so many people and medical care was much cruder then, and disorganized by World War One, 20 to 50 million died. The evidence is that it started in crowded US military camps.

The highly transmissible H1N1 “swine flu” pandemic of 2009 killed about 285,000, fewer than seasonal flu normally does, and had a relatively low fatality rate, estimated at .02 percent. It is hoped by authorities that 2019 Coronavirus has a death rate of less than 2% (when more mild cases surface). The argument was made by Chinese authorities that Wuhan is more disorganized than the rest of China. Thus a death rate of 4% in Wuhan, 2% in the rest of China.


P/S: February 6, 2020. The Chinese doctor who tried to warn other medics about the coronavirus has been reported dead after contracting the infection in Wuhan. According to local state media, Dr Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist, died from the virus on Thursday.

#Breaking: Chinese doctor Li Wenliang, one of the eight whistleblowers who tried to warn other medics of the #coronavirus outbreak but were reprimanded by local police, dies of coronavirus on Thursday in Wuhan, the Global Times has learned. Li sent a message to fellow medics in a group chat on 30 December, and days later was summoned to the Public Security Bureau to sign a letter in which he was accused of making “false comments”.